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Synonyms for misplay

(baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed

play incorrectly, e

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play wrong or in an unskillful manner

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My own counterpart to the misplay was the "Difficult Play Not Made," or DNM.
Buchholz pitched seven shutout innings and was one out away from an eighth when Yoenis Cespedes misplayed Ben Zobrist's fly ball into a two-run double.
Lorenzo Cain, who opened the inning with a double, scored on Gomes' misplay.
The North Stars' Nick DeMarco and pinch-runner Grant Belich scored on the Vikings' infield misplay for an improbable 5-4 walk-off victory.
He reached third on a misplayed ball into the Raiders' outfield.
So that, if he misplays his role of destiny, he gets crucified.
In a blog post on Thursday, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) said Somalia's government had 'misplayed its hand' by deciding to auction oil and gas exploration blocks in Indian Ocean waters also claimed by Kenya.
Well, the boos only rang louder when a two-man rush advanced on Gibson with no defenseman between them (though a goal didn't materialize after the Flames misplayed it).
Robert Garcia hit a high popup that third baseman Xavier Turner misplayed as it landed in fair territory between home plate and third base.
Ryan Goins also homered and had a two-run single a game after his misplayed pop fly set off Kansas City's winning rally Sunday.
Tabada of the Philippines after the Filipino misplayed a strategically won position and then missed a simple tactical sequence by the Spaniard to concede the point.
Asked about being scared of taking on ' NaMo,' Gandhi misplayed the emotional card of seeing his grandmother and father dying.
Ter Stegen misplayed a pass from defender Benedikt Howedes and the ball rolled off his foot and across the goal line.
To use a musical analogy, because of what Christ has done on the cross, the focus is not on the note I just misplayed or even on the fine performance I may have tooted with my little horn.
On the sound and style of the album, Kenny says: "I'm essentially a busker, and I like happy accidents in my music, and on the album this happened, like when I misplayed a chord.