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Synonyms for misplay

(baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed

play incorrectly, e

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play wrong or in an unskillful manner

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The misplay allowed Billy Butler, who had walked, to score.
The misplay -- the official scorer generously ruled it a hit -- cost the Astros the third out of the inning and gave Kent a bonus at-bat with runners at first and second.
Buckner, who had a 22-year Major League career with five teams, is remembered most for a misplay in the 10th inning of the sixth game of the Series against the New York Mets almost 25 years ago.
The second misplay happened in front of the Angels dugout when Mathis could not make the play with his back to the plate as Kotchman approached.
A defensive revival was exactly what the Angels needed one day after an apparent defensive misplay by Angels left fielder Garret Anderson allowed three costly Yankees runs in a Game 1 loss.
But a misplay by Leicester ended with several Panthers falling on the ball and regaining possession on the 11-yard line.
Leary and his co-writers rarely misplace a word in their scabrous dialogue; Leary and his cast mates never misplay an emotional moment.
Misplays by Murphy and Michal Kempny led to Anaheim's first 2 goals in the Ducks' 3-2 victory Thursday.
Defensive misplays in the final 20 minutes hammered the final nails in the Giants coffin.
The kid battled, but we can't have those misplays and get away with them against a team like that one over there.
The four-hour marathon in front of 3,068 who had their emotions drained included three home runs by the Beavers to build their five-run advantage, but four costly errors by OSU - not including a couple of misplays that were officially ruled as hits - and four hit batters contributed greatly to USC's comeback.
2) Jason Repko misplays Edgar Renteria's flyball into a double that gave Atlanta a 10-5 lead.
In the third inning, Quebec scored an unearned run with two outs after Alex Nunez singled and came around on Ivan Naccarata's hit and an error by Giusti, the first of four Worcester misplays.