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He further stated that the misperceptions increase 'partly because we overestimate what we worry about: the more we see coverage of an issue, the more prevalent we think it is, especially if that coverage is frightening or threatening.
The project will field nationally representative public opinion surveys research in at least 8 European countries to measure the prevalence and correlates of misperceptions about immigration, vaccination, and climate change.
Insulin cannot be initiated or intensified successfully, unless all doubts, queries and misperceptions of the patient, and his/her family members are addressed.
I have to admit I was a little intimidated when I was contacted to review Teen Pregnancy and Parenting: Rethinking the myths and misperceptions since I do not have any experience in maternal/child nursing.
Misperception of weight varied by race, with black females being least likely to believe they were overweight even if they were.
Numerous studies describe people's misperceptions of other groups (Dawes, Singer, & Lemons, 1972; Robinson & Keltner, 1996; Robinson, Keltner, Ward, & Ross, 1995; Sherman, Chassin, Presson, & Agostinelli, 1984).
It is based on the assumption that individual attitudes and behaviours are shaped and influenced by misperceptions relating to peer held attitudes and behaviours (Perkins, 1997; Berkowitz, 2002; Cuijpers 2002; Berkowitz, 2004).
We call on the policy leaders in Washington to help us educate the Hispanic community on the long-term benefits of oral health care and to overcome these well-documented misperceptions," she says.
The difference between the estimates may reflect the possibility that adolescents whose weight is most influenced by their parent's weight status or birth weight have a different influence on weight misperceptions than those who are not influenced much by the instruments.
The former are real, in Beeman's view, while the latter are mostly the misperceptions of American neoconservatives.
Travelocity said although there seems to be progress in stopping the leak in the Gulf, the misperceptions about oil on beaches may take far longer for the travel industry to fix.
Noting that there are some misperceptions in the western countries about Islam, she urged religious scholars and media to play their role in dispelling the misperceptions.
Her Majesty's remarks were followed by a panel session entitled "Arab Women: Myths, Misperceptions and Realities".
Their work contrasts the real lives, struggles and impact of young black men with the misperceptions that dominate in the mass media and lingers in the public consciousness.
The potential for misperceptions of the search functions was the basis for our study.