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Misperception of weight varied by race, with black females being least likely to believe they were overweight even if they were.
Plans as a Catalyst for Change : In the months ahead, Japonica will be a catalyst for change by relentlessly educating in private and public forums those who perpetuate systemic misperceptions about Greece.
It is based on the assumption that individual attitudes and behaviours are shaped and influenced by misperceptions relating to peer held attitudes and behaviours (Perkins, 1997; Berkowitz, 2002; Cuijpers 2002; Berkowitz, 2004).
In this study, we investigate whether an adolescent's misperception of his/her own weight status is affected by the average body weight of those who are in his/her reference group.
There was an additional misperception among the participants.
Davis presents Ghosts and Shadows of Andersonville: Essays on the Secret Social Histories of America's Deadliest Prison, an in-depth scrutiny that openly dispels commonly held misperceptions about the so-called "American Death Camp" of the Confederate prison of Andersonville, and the trial of its most famous figure, Captain Henry Wirz.
Champoux suggests more methods, such as providing management with more resources to communicate a gender-neutral environment; conducting training sessions for women on topics like successful rainmaking and leadership; educating employees about misperceptions about women in the workplace.
In addition, the general public has misperceptions about higher education opportunity--misperceptions that make need-based financial aid less of a priority than it should be.
Goobie covers a lot of ground with misperceptions, group dynamics, family relationships, and the pressures many teens face to fit in somewhere.
Misperceptions about different cultures have become stumbling blocks for communication.
Get Unstuck From Fundamentalism is very strongly recommended to all readers searching for an understanding of the modern world and our progress, deceptions, and misperceptions.
Indeed, many young Muslims spend a lot of time correcting common misperceptions about Islam: that it condones terrorism (it doesn't); and that it denies women equal rights (it doesn't, though many majority-Muslim cultures and countries do).
These negative attitudes can be based on myths (Unger, 2002), misperceptions (Smart, 2001), stereotypes (Blanck, 1996), and fear (Diksa & Rogers, 1996, Peck & Kirkbride, 2001).
Journalist Edward Lewine is the first to admit "The bullfighting business could be awful", but his insider's look at the tradition follows one season in the life of one of Spain's famous modern fighters and provides an understanding of bullfighting which goes beyond cliches and misperceptions.
The first two issues include feature articles and regular columns on such topics as side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, facilitating better patient/provider relationships, misperceptions about osteoarthritis, alternative therapies for chronic pain, HIPAA compliance and treating rheumatoid arthritis.