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We found high and persistent prevalence of weight misperception among ninth through 12th grade U.
The most common type of misperception is known as "Pluralistic Ignorance, 'which is defined as the widespread misperception of social attitudes and norms produced by the difference between an individual's private (inner) attitude and that of public behavior (Prentice & Miller, 1996).
I have not said anything of this kind and if there is any misperception or miscommunication that should be cleared, I never meant that.
Misperception of weight status has been proposed as one possible explanation for the limited success of obesity prevention interventions (Kuchler and Variyam 2003).
Kilicdaroglu said that CHP opened an office in Brussels to remove this misperception and to show that the opposition party was extending support to Turkey's EU membership.
The book concludes with a discussion of aviation mishaps due to misperception of visual cues, and a look at technological enhancements to visual perception.
As excessive gestational weight gain increases the risk of poor maternal and child outcomes, including higher rates of caesareans, larger babies and greater difficulty losing weight after delivery, more work needs to be done to determine if correcting this misperception reduces the likelihood of excessive pregnancy weight gain, they say.
It is important people hear this message because the misperception has a disenchanting effect.
The potential for misperceptions of the search functions was the basis for our study.
There are so many fascinating examples of self-delusion, misperception and wrong-headed analysis made on a mass scale by normal people, one wonders how the human race has progressed as far as it has.
Hood 2005), echoes this misperception concerning phthalates and plastic food packaging.
Contrary to a common misperception, pack ice teems with life, from photosynthetic microalgae to 6-foot-tall sea sponges to polar bears and penguins.
Sometimes there's a misperception by some of the individuals .
Misperception number one: "I wish I could spend my entire day working out.
I would like to correct the recurring misperception that I was a fashion photographer before becoming an artist, as stated in Kate Bush's article on Roe Ethridge ["All Systems Go," October 2003].