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Past research about misperceived social norms has demonstrated that correcting those norms can promote healthier behavior.
The commonly misperceived differences between religion and culture, which separates expatriates keen to understand UAE cultural nuances and Islam is explained through custom-tailored workshops developed by Amal Loring, a native of the UK who relocated to Dubai more than 15 years ago and subsequently converted to Islam.
In addition to all of the above, recognize that this has become the top national-security priority: In what has been misperceived as an "Arab Spring," the downtrodden masses in Egypt and elsewhere now may be coming to the conclusion that "Islam is the answer.
It was this context that Pakistan pulling back of its forces for better coordination was misperceived in US and western media.
Unfortunately, the expansion of coverage to individuals of lower socioeconomic status has been misperceived as an attempt to right a historical wrong or create a new social program, when at its core it is about improving the quality and affordability of health care for everyone.
She recognizes the unique learning needs of female students, who may have misperceived notions of their own self-efficacy in the areas of math and science.
avoid the kind of overt religiosity that can be misperceived as exclusionary.
Police spokesman said that they misperceived them as dacoit due to nighttime and therefore, opened fire while the villagers were offering funeral prayers.
I am of course concerned that people not be harmed, perhaps irreparably, by weapons misperceived as nonlethal, but which in fact are capable of causing serious injury and even death.
Emotions, which are often misperceived as sometimes absent in autism, are discussed.
When you are in talks of this kind, you have to recognize the interests and perceptions of the other side, and both sides should be cautious about actions that might be either misperceived within the region or that might be exploited by those who want to create obstacles," he added.
Fifteen percent overall misperceived themselves as underweight, and 17% as overweight.
I misperceived the pressure that the entire maintenance department was feeling in trying to manage maintenance requirements in a challenging environment.
Obese patients who misperceived their body size were also less likely to see a physician.
Created in 2007 and currently headquartered in Germany, AFRICOM is often misperceived as a tool for expanding American influence.