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Hybridization between nest builder and nest associate is attributed to either chance cross-fertilization or mismating (Raney, 1947; Jenkins and Burkhead, 1994).
Most empirical studies of hybrids measure the cost of mismating by focussing on hybrid viability and mechanisms of natural selection rather than hybrid reproductive success (see e.g., Barton and Hewitt 1985; Coyne and Orr 1989; Harrison 1993).
AMP FSD (Fixed Shroud Duplex) connectors provide low loss and a rigid, protective shroud that guards against mishandling or mismating.
Additional features include a guide box design that facilitates the alignment of the male pin into the female receptacle while protecting the pins from damage during board mating; high temperature LCP insulation with integral polarization keying features to prevent 180[degrees] out-of-orientation mismating; and process-proven .030" (0.76 mm) diameter solder balls that conform to industry standard BGA pad-to-ball ratios and compensate for minor board coplanarity, thermal expansion (CTE) and solder deposition variances.
Mismating is prevented by a plastic barrier between plug and receptacle, which is positioned in such a way that only compatible connectors will be able to mate.
Flange mount, crimp and compression cable mounts can be used with uniquely interfaced connector pairs to preclude the possibility of erroneous component mismating. "Coded" pairs can also be fabricated to add further uniqueness within a family of connector components.
The series, which consists of 2- to 12-pole versions, features a tongue and groove pluggable design to prevent mismating.
The SFVL's back flip actuator feature is said to allow for easy cable insertion and prevention of mismating. In addition, the cable lock feature assures correct mating while increasing cable retention force and allowing a visual check that the cable is properly inserted.
The modules are protected against mismating and can be replaced in a single operation during maintenance without affecting the wiring.
Polarization prevents mismating. The Molex receptacle, with its blind mate interface, floats in a panel cut-out up to 1.27 mm in X-Y direction to self-align with the mating flange of Mini-Fit, BMI plugs as well as Mini-Fit, BMI, Mini-Fit, SMC and Mini-Fit, CPI headers.
"Genderless" design allows a mated pair to be assembled with two identical mating halves, reducing parts inventory These rugged connectors are rated for up to 10,000 mating cycles and employ an impact resistant, UL94V-0 housing that is keyed and color-coded to prevent mismating. The housing color also designates the recommended application voltage per industry standard.