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a bad or unsuitable match

match badly

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Gaston said it was unfair to blame the GAB for the dangerous and sickening mismatches.
Egbert (2005) What do Educational Mismatches Tell us about Skill Mismatches?
was found between the higher degree (> 50 percent) of HLA mismatches and the chances of getting humoral or antibody-mediated rejection as well as the higher grade of rejection.
Together these factors could process mismatches in vivo in a strand-specific manner directed by the single, GATC sequence methylated on only one strand (hemimethylated) and located distant from the mismatch.
6) The top-down approach would apply to all hybrid mismatches, and then provide certain exceptions (e.
For three 20-base primers, we generated all combinations (491 007) with up to 4 mismatches in the 16-base region at their 3' ends.
There is a persistent concern over mismatches between the degrees awarded by universities and the needs of the job market.
The idea was conceived to prevent mismatches with the top three sides from the group going through to the semi-finals along with the winner of a play-off between the leading sides of the two other pools.
The so-called "safe harbor" regulation that was intended to force employers to fire employees with unresolved mismatches has been blocked by a federal court.
These letters are sent if an employer has submitted more than 10 W-2s with mismatches or the number of mismatches amount to more than one half of one percent of all the W-2s submitted by the employer.
While acknowledging that underemployment mismatches may be more common, Golden and Gebreselassie find that at least 7 percent of the employed would prefer to trade some income for fewer hours.
The Clippers repeatedly went to Kaman in the first quarter, and he appeared to be exploiting mismatches close to the basket.
To ease the burden of asset-liability mismatches, IFRS 4 was designed to give insurers options concerning how to handle their reporting of liabilities.
Using data from Mexico, the incidence and wage effects of educational mismatches are analyzed.
It screened approximately 378,000 potential mismatches down to a universe of 69,000 taxpayers, to whom notices were issued.