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Synonyms for mislike

to have a feeling of aversion for

an attitude or feeling of aversion

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Greenham's sermon on Thessalonians 5:19 included the following advice for those who wished to know whether their sins indicated that the Spirit had passed them by: let us see what likeing, or misliking we have of sinne: for if after our fall we do hold our former hatred of sinne ...
(55) Stubbs suggests that the young man "was set by his mother to cry and weep at the cruelties, that, so showing some misliking of them, his credit might be saved" (24).
disintegration" in Sidney's description of opposition to monarchy: "all agreeing in the universal names of liking or misliking, but of what especial points, infinitely disagreeing." By figuring such disintegration as an unstable architecture, Sidney (Kegl argues) makes it impossible to recognize the importance of divided alliances to the processes of social change.