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branded or labeled falsely and in violation of statutory requirements


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With the rollout of the 'Build, Build, Build' program and other private construction projects in urban centers and rural areas nationwide, government regulators must redouble their efforts to prevent the proliferation or sale of substandard and mislabeled construction materials, which may be inadvertently used in high-rise projects.
will begin charging an extra $150 next month to handle oversized packages and pallets, along with a new charge for packages with mislabeled dimensions, the company said on Wednesday.
Included in the 266 853 images classified as fails by OCR were 121 true patient name mislabels, resulting in a ratio of 1 mislabel per 8346 images, slightly higher than our prestudy estimate of 1/10 000.
1, 2002, food manufacturers in Illinois face fines of up to $1,000 and possible prosecution if they mislabel products.
The focus of this study was to establish benchmarks for the rate of mislabeled samples submitted for ABO typing and the uncorrected rate of WBIT primarily for US institutions.
The (http://www.inquisitr.com/535855/seafood-fraud-33-percent-of-fish-mislabeled-video/) Inquisitr reported that nearly one-third of fish is being mislabeled in the U.S., according to a new study found by the advocay group Oceana, that was conducted between 2010 and 2012.
Roger Edmunds, Carmarthenshire council's trading standards manager, said: "It has become big business for companies to mislabel eggs.
Under the current system, the ministry does not disclose the names of producers who deliberately mislabel their products if they comply with orders from the farm minister to improve their business practices.
Plaintiffs in the lawsuit contend that they, as well as consumers nationwide, overpaid for the Egyptian cotton linens that were mislabeled and produced by Welspun India Ltd.
Patients who may have been administered the mislabeled product could experience adverse reactions such as somnolence, agitation, aggression, depressed level of consciousness, respiratory depression and coma related to over dosage.
Of the 52 tested products, the scientists found that 31 were labeled correctly, 20 were potentially mislabeled and one contained a non-specific meat ingredient that could not be verified.
Hospital laboratories have combatted the issue of mislabeled specimens for years, and in general they have done so with great success.
It is often human error on the packaging line that results in mislabeled products.