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Synonyms for mishandle



Synonyms for mishandle

to use wrongly and improperly

to hurt or injure by maltreatment

Synonyms for mishandle

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The great majority of these 32.8 million mishandled bags were reunited with their owners in less than 48 hours and only a small fraction, 0.32 bags per thousand passengers, or 736,000 bags, failed to show up at all compared with 0.57 per thousand passengers or 1.28 million bags in 2007.
"Complaints to the council (AUC) show that instances of mishandled baggage can cause passengers considerable stress, inconvenience and expense.
To combat the problems associated with mishandled baggage, the airline industry is looking at new technology not only to reduce costs, but also to provide a superior tracking system.
Consistent with most of its dealings with the Indians, the government mishandled the federal Indian Trust Fund - so badly that Interior officials say they no longer can figure out how much money was misappropriated, stolen or just vanished.
Security breaches occurred in the late 1990s, with the case of Wen Ho Lee, a Los Alamos scientist who mishandled classified material, and, in May 2000, with the misplacement of two hard drives containing restricted data.
It is obvious to me from reading this article that the wolf-recovery effort is being seriously mishandled. It is horrendous to see wolves used as a tool by environmental radicals and other "new world order" type organizations to advance their agenda and destroy private property rights.
"This case has been mishandled by several parts of our church from the get go," wrote Mr.
He went on to call the DOB "the most misunderstood and mishandled agency in the city...chronically used as the whipping boy."
Juneja's data show that the bacteria in thermally mishandled hamburger retained their heat resistance for a full day if stored at room temperatures, but for just 14 hours if stored at typical refrigeration temperatures.
"However, most of the 3,726 inmates on Death Row nationwide are poor, disproportionately black or Latino, and represented by underpaid, court-appointed attorneys who too often are either novices or burnouts." He adds, "If McVeigh's case can be mishandled, just think of the prospects for foul-ups faced by the more typical capital defendants."
Brian Kabateck, a partner in the law firm Quisenberry & Kabateck, said in a statement that he filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of policyholders who he said filed timely property damage claims stemming from the quake, but whose claims were allegedly mishandled.
He told the newspaper that School Futures was late in paying bills and mishandled the school's finances.
Sylk, who resigned over the issue, contended that "the idea was mishandled and misrepresented.
In only 14 canvases, so many age-old tasks of painting are taken up and mishandled! For example, in those paintings based on joining two dissimilar figures, or landscapes, or spaces to create a new visual and spiritual unity, he almost invariably overwhelms and obscures a key element, throwing the composition off-kilter.
What apparently poses the greatest risk of bags being mishandled are journeys where luggage must be transferred from one aircraft to another, or from one carrier to another.