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government that is inefficient or dishonest

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As a form of misgovernment that satisfies all the definitions set forth at the head of this essay in the epigraph borrowed from Barbara Tuchman's book The March of Folly, I can think of none more disastrous than the failure to distinguish fiction from fact, to substitute for the waging of war the making of war movies.
evidently our wisdom to keep all the constitutional checks on misgovernment
And the excuse for this piece of local misgovernment is, wait for it, health and safety.
I believe that this toxic mixture of misgovernment under Prime Minister Blair and the corresponding collapse in public trust constitutes a major crisis for the British political system.
If we, the people, are content with our role of putting a piece of paper in a box every five years and consider it to be the end of our duty and participation, then we have opted for a recipe for mismanagement and misgovernment.
One-party states were widely believed to be necessary or beneficial; solidarity against the enemies still ruling over millions of Africans under colonial or settler regimes was often considered to be such an overriding concern that misgovernment in independent Africa was secondary -- or even that concern over it was a harmful distraction.
This dual misgovernment of passion and interest, Synesius concludes, set the stage for Essex's rebellion:
Quite the reverse: they have given him an alibi for misgovernment.
You are jointly responsible for the former Hashimoto cabinet's economic misgovernment,'' Kan said during the committee session, referring to Obuchi's service as foreign minister in the Hashimoto cabinet.
Opponents of the throne were unable to mount an effective republican platform in a system where the political establishment was united in defence of the crown, in which libel and treason laws safeguarding the person of the monarch meant that almost any attack on the royal family could be adjudged `unpatriotic' and where Cromwell's Commonwealth was frequently held up as an example of the misgovernment that republicanism caused.
Now a report by the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, stating that the sanctions are greatly exacerbating malnutrition in Haiti and contributing to an increase in child deaths caused by misgovernment, is certain to lend new intensity to the debate.
Party president, Gwynedd councillor, businessman and folk singer Dafydd I wan said: ``We cannot put up with seeing our people suffer any more under Labour's misgovernment of the health service.
Queiros Velloso (130), Fernandes (387-88), and Hermano Saraiva (332) survey some of the numerous contemporary broadsides directed at Sebastiao, and Fothergill-Payne reminds us that Couto would later (in the early 1580s) describe the misgovernment of Sebastiao and cite two manifestations of it (16-17).
Even Du Bois's shorter scholarly pieces pointed the way to modern findings, such as his essays on Reconstruction, which challenged the prevailing racist othordoxy that portrayed the years after Civil War as ones of rampant misgovernment by ignorant former slaves, and "The African Roots of the War," which showed that World War I could not be understood apart from the European struggle for empire.
48) The condition of the muzhik, Merriman makes clear, was a result of the misgovernment of the country.