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Indeed, there is perhaps a prevalent belief among its leaders that they would be able to confront the Islamists if the latter were to misgovern, or to cause the country harm.
Instead, they tend to penalize the already-suffering population of the sanctioned country, more than the tyrants who misgovern it.
This city does happen to be in an economically developed Western country where I get to have an occasional say in how I am misgoverned--or perhaps more accurately, which party gets to misgovern me--through the casting of a vote, but I am not sure that it is particularly relevant to the situation; I could live in any number of countries, north or south, east or west.
Too often, gross human rights violators enjoy impunity in the name of reconciliation as rival elites patch fences and continue to misgovern.
Unluckily for those who misgovern us in our own homeland the fact that I cannot leave and return voluntarily to the island where I was born is, in itself, the most irrefutable witness to the fact that, unfortunately, nothing has changed in the autocratic system ruling my country," Farinas said in a recorded message to Parliament.
Remembering her childhood in the chronicle "Quem nos disgoverna" (Those who misgovern us), Luft ironically evokes a time when "to be good brought compensations," an observation that inevitably extends to women's history of submission and reminds the reader that such a time held other comforting beliefs, all proven to be lies: "That the government would take care of us, that power was on the side of honest people.
For the absolute monarchs and republican despots who misgovern the Arab world, more given to hand-wringing, blaming outsiders or uncovering conspiracies everywhere than to rigorous self-criticism, that was rare and daring talk.