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Synonyms for misgiving

Synonyms for misgiving

a feeling of uncertainty about the fitness or correctness of an action

Synonyms for misgiving

uneasiness about the fitness of an action


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painful expectation

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Her seeming indecision was, in fact, more than indecision: it was misgiving.
This increased the child's misgivings, and made her yet more anxious and uneasy.
Or is it, after all, to quote him once more, that beyond those ever- recurring pagan misgivings, those pale pagan consolations, our generation feels yet cannot adequately express--
Still haunted by misgivings of trouble to come, I hesitated to announce my arrival precipitately by ringing the house-bell.
Falk obeys the law of self-preservation without the slightest misgivings as to his right, but at a crucial turn of that ruthlessly preserved life he will not condescend to dodge the truth.
However, he had no misgivings but that he would fare forth into the wonder country of which little Manu had told him, though it was certain that he would do it with a dry skin and an empty belly.
Attacked on one side by her aunt, and on the other by Hardyman, and feebly defended, at the best, by her own doubts and misgivings, Isabel ended by surrendering at discretion.
Long afterwards, Hardyman remembered the misgivings that had troubled him when he wrote that letter.
Meanwhile, I lay quietly eyeing him, having no serious misgivings now, and bent upon narrowly observing so curious a creature.
It domineered above them so, that all their bodings, doubts, misgivings, fears, were fain to hide beneath their souls, and not sprout forth a single spear or leaf.
If it had been Sid, she would have had no misgivings to alloy her delight; but since it was Tom, she watched the bottle clandestinely.
The problem of Jammu and Kashmir is misgiving of the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's misadventures," Patra told ANI.
So why my slight misgiving about George Osborne's idea to chuck a few million towards having a Great Exhibition of the North?
Their initial misgiving were compounded by a staff which, once informed, stormed on the verge of insurrection.
Cunningham, whose small touches are often as memorable as the larger gestures of his designs, can't resist giving the Bride one last sideways glance of misgiving.