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Synonyms for misfunction

fail to function or function improperly

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For markets to misfunction in this sense, one of two conditions must exist: either a divergence between the value of a product characteristic to consumers and their willingness to pay it, or a divergence between the cost to suppliers of providing that characteristic and the overall cost to society.
Ian West, 27, has suffered from "substantial sexual misfunction" since he had an op for a slipped disc.
Transformers under the sidewalk in front of the building and two electrical panels in a subcellar were causing the equipment to misfunction. Field levels were 14 to 20 miligouse - the unit of measurement for EMF - in both the editing rooms and the next room over, which served as the president's office.
And we can classify many different types of aphasia, presumably indicating different areas (or combinations of areas) of brain misfunction.
For instance, William Hasker raises the problem of what might be said of a scenario in which the right answer is produced through misfunction, as when someone blind nonetheless consistently gets his position right thanks to some quirk of the blindness that now allows him to do this through his magnetic field.
Instead, he focuses on the brain, which may be the "cause" of why the adrenal gland misfunctions during stress.
Stressed and burned out teachers show more instances of inappropriate behaviors (such as yelling in conflict with students), display frequent cognitive misfunctions (incorrectly marking a written test), and lack social functioning (charisma, warmth, and involvement) when compared to their peers at lower levels of stress and burnout.
With prodigious literary skill, his anecdotal books illuminate tales of the brain's misfunctions, and, on occasion, its amazing ability to compensate.
According to Shaw, this machine misfunctions by moving towards Conservative values as a measure of electoral wishes, producing onlyu a 'a paler shade of pink', while leaving behind not only the important mobilising and coordinating category of 'community' but also a critique of the capitalist economy.