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Synonyms for misery

Synonyms for misery

a state of prolonged anguish and privation

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

Synonyms for misery

a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune

a feeling of intense unhappiness

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Poor Hetty's vision of consequences, at no time more than a narrow fantastic calculation of her own probable pleasures and pains, was now quite shut out by reckless irritation under present suffering, and she was ready for one of those convulsive, motiveless actions by which wretched men and women leap from a temporary sorrow into a lifelong misery.
I had weight of guilt upon me enough to sink any creature who had the least power of reflection left, and had any sense upon them of the happiness of this life, of the misery of another; then I had at first remorse indeed, but no repentance; I had now neither remorse nor repentance.
Further, hundreds of exorcists, representing a variety of Christian religions, as well as an assortment of faith healers, perform hundreds of "unofficial" exorcisms in an attempt to relieve sufferers of their misery. And don't conclude that exorcism is peculiar to the United States, it's practiced around the world.
Where the seemingly complementary themes of dignity and misery are handled, as in the quattrocento treatises of Bartolomeo Facio and Antonio da Bargo, man's dignity is spiritual rather than earthly, to which the body and its misery belong.
The Council expressed its shame and remorse for the city's role in `this trade in human misery'.
After having all the childhood sicknesses and aliments accustom to childhood and then to loose a child at older age must have been unexpected misery" (p.152)?
While claims that the sanctions kill 5,000 babies a week, have taken a million lives since 1991, and sent rates of cancer, leukemia, and other chronic illnesses soaring are probably vastly exaggerated, it is undeniable that Iraq suffers widespread distress and misery.
This poverty, which for many of our brothers crosses the line to misery, is a scandal.
Consider that the objective of government is to maximize its popularity (e.g., by minimizing a comprehensive misery index) and win the next election.
No friend of liberation theology, Prigione insists that the main mission of the church is not economic and social liberation, but liberation from moral sin and misery. In 1993 the Vatican attempted to remove Bishop Ruiz, but was thwarted when some 20,000 indigenous people from all over the state converged on San Cristobal in protest.
After all, the weapon has been issued as a means to stop misery and to protect others from harm.
(1987) showed that when the misery index, defined as the sum of the inflation rate and unemployment rate, in (1):
That lowdown sticky stuff that coats our cars, flies up our noses, and gets sucked down our throats to cause weeks of misery for over 14 million Americans every year.
"Delay can only have one result - more deaths, more pain, more misery and more despair" But there can only be one immediate priority - curbing this spiralling death toll.
PESHAWAR -- Complaining about the slow pace of work on the Bus Rapid Transit project, the local traders have asked the government to ensure speedy execution of the initiative to mitigate the people's misery.