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Synonyms for miser

Synonyms for miser

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a stingy hoarder of money and possessions (often living miserably)

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Miser will take live information such as flows and reservoir levels from the Servelec SCOPE-X telemetry system to forecast demand over the following few days and then produce pump and valve control settings automatically to manage the water supply network night and day to meet customer demands, licences and other constraints at minimum cost.
But Miser, who works with a small crew and builds many Falcon UAVs himself, says "The big thing is surviving until the market hits.
Indiana-born Miser discovered a talent for acrobatics at an early age and became a flying trapeze performer before switching to human cannonball.
MISER is a core processing solution for credit unions that delivers increased efficiency, revenue and profitability through its integrated and scalable design.
THE MISER Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, until February 13.
5627 was issued for Miser on 9 April 2003 by the Variety Section, Plant Health and Plant Products Division, Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
iPod And iTunes Starter Kit by Brad Miser is an ideal 432-page instructional reference which provides all of the information that non-specialist general reader music fans need to get the most out these amazing digital music tools.
A last-ditch $3 million ad campaign for Proposition 72 features Wal-Mart as a health-insurance miser.
The visually arresting production that appears on this month's cover--a three-way co-production of The Miser, directed by Dominique Serrand of Minneapolis's Theatre de la Jeune Lune--isn't the only version of Moliere's ferocious comedy on the boards as the 2004-05 season picks up steam.
Princeton, after a yearlong test, installed USA Technologies Vending Miser (www.
Apollo Solutions, manufacturers of the PRO2 range of industrial boiler control equipment, has launched their new Miser Plus range.
Stuff that blings don't mean a thing to me," Pete Miser rhymes on "Got That," a track from his new CD, "Radio Free Brooklyn," in which he ticks off all the things he doesn't have.
The story is A Christmas Carol, but instead of being a miser with money, she's a sexual miser," says Gomez, who is currently single and living in Brooklyn, N.
Briefly, Abu Kasem is a miser who attempts to rid himself of a tattered pair of old slippers.
Written in an informal style, Writing Effective Policies and Procedures can assist any writer in becoming a word master, word miser, and a design expert capable of shaping a policy or procedure document to meet the needs of the intended readers.