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improper, often rude behavior

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Chief Minister Singh also trashed Harsimrat's charges of misusing the government machinery to sabotage her campaign and said that Akali leaders sabotaged their political prospects with their misdoings.
But this merely embroils the judiciary in further controversy as do cases involving disqualification of politicians; suo motu cases based on newspaper stories about alleged misdoings in government contracts such as the award of rental power projects or LNG contracts; or even military coups.
PARIS, Jan 16 (KUNA) -- France is pushing for the board of car-maker Renault to remove its current CEO Carlos Ghosn who has been in detention in Japan for two months on allegations of financial and tax misdoings, government sources said on Wednesday.
There has been a significant increase in shareholder class actions alleging misdoings by corporate boards in recent years.
Sharply critical of Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and the King, he widely wrote of the Kingdom's misdoings in the country and in the Middle East.
Expressing the determination to provide justice to all citizens of the country without any discrimination, Imran regretted that only poor were punished in our system while the crimes and misdoings of the influential lot were overlooked.
"It's one massive cover-up from an unethical and amoral government that can't concede to misdoings.
As the Indian government intensifies efforts to bring him back to the country, lets look into his misdoings.
to do so with the sole desire of creating a good Nigeria which will be worthy of the sacrifices which its loyal citizens had made of late, and which will incline all erring citizens to repent their past misdoings, as well as refrain from falling into the same error in the future.
Otherwise, it can lead to official and public mis-conclusions and misdoings.
He also said that a PML-N candidate from Multan - who had accused the country's premier spy agency of pressuring him into switching parties but then backtracked saying it had, in fact, been the agriculture department - has been investigated by the Agriculture Department for around two years for alleged misdoings during a past tenure there.
The leading reported misdoings included misuse of confidential information, giving or accepting bribes or kickbacks, stealing, offering products or services that failed specifications, and sexual harassment.
The group often present satrical work about political and social misdoings in Nepal.
Dr Bokhari, in his rebuttal, said that the VC's defence failed to address fundamental issues and misdoings.