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Synonyms for misdirection

an incorrect charge to a jury given by a judge

incorrect directions or instructions

management that is careless or inefficient

the act of distracting


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His essays on the misdirection film have appeared in Journal of Film and Video and Quarterly Review of Film and Video.
Differential diagnoses for ocular hypertension OS included goniodysgenesis and aqueous misdirection (or "malignant glaucoma").
But, he's the first to point out that his illusions and stunts are simply a cocktail of suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship.
Gibson has done much for this football club but his stubbornness and misdirection is going to kill this fine football club.
Believing that US strategy for homeland security is at best piece-meal, leading to misdirection and waste of national resources, the editors (all of the Institute on Globalization & Security at the U.
Magic involves all sorts of principles, primarily misdirection by means of eye contact," he said.
The 27-year-old, of Blackfriars, Newcastle, said: "The art of misdirection is directing the attention to the larger movement instead of the smaller one.
The grid makes it obvious that this is a disguised version of ordinary tic-tac-toe with a bit of misdirection.
Joby Harold's clumsy misdirection meanswe're always two steps ahead of the characters, while performances are uniformly poor.
Overturning the jury's decision the Lord Chief Justice said: "I have decided that there was misdirection in the present case.
At a time when virtually every state department and division avers that personnel levels are inadequate for their work loads and when the Legislature indicates it cannot afford to offer cash-strapped municipalities more aid, encouraging employees to volunteer work on taxpayers' time is a misdirection of limited resources that is counterintuitive at best.
This is a clue to the real misdirection of the ticking bomb scenario.
The backs never line up deeper than four yards behind the LOS and have all kinds of angle blocks and misdirection schemes for the little guys.
Like the German soldiers who moved road signs to point the wrong way as they retreated in the face of the D-Day invasion, the "Judaizers" and "Gnostics" are, for Paul, playing a game of misdirection.
Hart used a lot of misdirection plays, faking handoffs to Howell and running quarterback Alex Pettee up the middle.