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The Art of Misdiagnosis is a memoir that plumbs the depths of life in order to find unvarnished, deep grace.
A patient who lost one of her kidneys to misdiagnosis was able to salvage the remaining organ with the timely intervention of Latifa Hospital surgeons.
BEIRUT: Beirut Investigative Judge George Rizk Wednesday charged three hospitals and three doctors with negligence following a misdiagnosis that led to the amputation of all four limbs of an infant patient.
Too many lives are lost to bowel cancer through misdiagnosis and being diagnosed too late as the individual's symptoms aren't being correctly investigated because they don't fall into the 'at risk' age group.
Until misdiagnosis starts getting a lot more attention, the most sophisticated medical devices and technologies in the world won't help the countless lives affected by misdiagnosis each year -- one of which could easily be yours.
The most common individual misdiagnosis received was viral encephalitis, most likely because of "the multifocality, acuity, and rapidity of symptoms seen in CJD," Dr.
44) Claims involving a misdiagnosis were less likely to result in payment, (45) but the average size of the payment for claims with an allegation of misdiagnosis was higher than the average payment for claims without an allegation of misdiagnosis.
The Health and Safety Executive's report said inadequate staff training and overreliance on ultrasound was to blame for the misdiagnosis scandal.
The misdiagnosis of Black students having learning disabilities and other disabilities will be examined, and the factors as to why this misdiagnosis occurs so often.
Recent media reports of potential misdiagnosis of early-stage breast cancer may frighten women away from breast cancer screening that could save their lives.
Misdiagnosis of melanoma is a major cause of litigation against both physicians and dermatopathologists.
This article reports the total cases of newly detected leprosy in Wuhan (1990-2004); the objective being to review the case clinical characteristics over the period and analyse the risk of misdiagnosis in those with leprosy in Wuhan city.
Apart from the obvious threat of misdiagnosis - just how do you spot a heart attack down a phone line?
Horizon may have started with laudable intentions - to highlight the shattering concepts of misdiagnosis and social stigma.
Chicago -- Misdiagnosis is extremely common among adults hospitalized for a suspected primary mood disorder, Dr.