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Melik Shaw, 22, of Carbondale, pleaded guilty to battery, a Class A misdemeanor.
Critically, the ability to impose certain collateral consequences through a misdemeanor conviction unlocks an array of additional charging options for prosecutors.
In November, a jury failed to convict Reynolds on the felony charges, instead finding him guilty of six misdemeanor counts of solicitation of professional employment.
Ramos had claimed that West punched him in an unprovoked attack and wrestled his camera to the ground during the scuffle and the rapper had been charged with misdemeanor counts of battery and grand theft.
As minor as a misdemeanor conviction or guilty plea appears at first (usually a small fine and no jail time), she says, it can live in government records forever, undermine the job prospects of otherwise stellar candidates and cause major damage to their long-term career aspirations.
If approved, the city would be able to fine for certain misdemeanors or infractions that now have to go through the court system.
In Nevada, exhibiting a company name is considered advertising, and officers can charge unlicensed contractors with a misdemeanor if they do not have a valid contractor's license number displayed.
Those include the addition of two misdemeanor counts of violation of Health and Safety Code section 1290, which historically has applied only to facilities, according to Gluck.
In my own society it is and was perceived as a misdemeanor.
Harcleroad said the reduction in misdemeanor prosecution comes early because of one resignation and the approaching family medical leave of another lawyer on his six-lawyer staff of misdemeanor prosecutors.
05-02) 01:17 PDT SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A man in traffic court for a misdemeanor skateboarding hearing now faces two felony charges after allegedly leaping onto the bench and threatening the judge.
08 or more blood alcohol content, in violation of section 23152(b) of the Vehicle Code, a misdemeanor.
11/21: Davis Heinbaugh, 20, of Carbondale, pleaded guilty to retail theft, a Class A misdemeanor.
He also pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of failing to maintain proper records for the exotic felines.