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an incorrect deal

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deal cards wrongly

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But it still bothered her that she had all the documents that might be proof of misdealing and corrupt practices, she said.
For a contrary view, see generally Vikramaditya Khanna, An Analysis of Internal Governance and the Role of the General Counsel in Reducing Corporate Crime, in RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON CORPORATE CRIME and Financial Misdealing, supra note 93 (summarizing the literature and arguing that separating compliance from legal may lead to less effective compliance because it weakens intrafirm information flows and leads to costly duplication of effort).
Unfortunately things have taken another turn," he regrettably said, noting that the confrontations in Tripoli are proof of misdealing with close-by events.
Jonathan has represented large and small organizations (including financial institutions and manufacturers), and their executives and employees, in government inquiries and civil litigation involving allegations of fraud (securities, accounting, financial misdealing, valuation, mortgages, disclosure, lending, and self-dealing), insider trading, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
182) Foreign investors injured by company misdealing but unable to join
Although a loyal inner circle of military officials remained faithful to Pinochet, others publicly denounced him for his financial misdealing in the Riggs Bank scandal.
As Paul Norbury noted, "Post-Soviet Russia was marked by the misdealing of corrupt officials, financiers and gangsters, as well as soaring rates of drug abuse, racketeering and murder.
Some company boards of directors have been reminded by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of the need for them to act "reasonably and in good faith" should they wish to be shielded from liability in the event of corporate misdealing (Skinner 2006, p.