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something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred

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the number of days of misdating, involves a trade-off between the potential for additional compensation and the risk of detection.
One chronicle--Greyfriars (Chronicle of the Grey Friars of London, John Gough Nichols (ed) (Camden Society, OS 53, 1852)--reports (12) both of these events (play and tournament) for 1410-11 (12 Henry IV), and mentions the tournament before the play; but from the context of other events and dates provided by the chronicle, and a comparison with other chronicles (such as the Great Chronicle and Gregory's Chronicle), it is clear that Greyfriars is in fact misdating as 1411 the events of 1409; and, if its reporting order is supposed to be chronological (which may not be the case), it is in disagreement with the order used byother chronicles, as noted above.
I am very grateful to Christopher Cawte for drawing my attention to the misdating of this will; the printed text gives the date as 'MCCCXCIIII' in mistake for 'MCCCCXIIII', but Dr Cawte points out that the lady is the widow of the testator whose will precedes hers, and who died in 1413.
The continuities of hand and ink indicate that the entries were not made singly; added to such inconfutable signs of misdating as recording Redman's death under the regnal year that in fact preceded it, the probability is that the annual accounts were entered some time after the end of the fiscal year being reported (with some inexactness of memory consequently slipping into the register).
Despite misdating that crucial artifact Flashdance, Boswell's sense of the period's pop culture is sure and almost painfully exhilarating.
5) Also, the former CFO of Media Vision Technology was found guilty in August 2002 of five counts of fraud for lying to investors and financial analysts about numerous schemes employed to overstate the company's financial position, including falsifying inventories, misdating transactions, and recording nonexistent products.
8 billion yen of undeclared income involved the misdating of depreciation costs for things such as power cables, the sources said.
98) and the misdating of the meeting of the Estates General (p.
such as misdating Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1991, rather than
refuted this claim and argued that 1990-91 PDHS data suffered not only from massive misdating of the births but also from serious omissions.
In actual practice, with the common misdating of pregnancies and the potential inefficiency of complex management rules, it is possible that cutoff hemoglobin levels of 11 mg per dL for defining anemia in pregnancy without respect to gestational age are being used instead of the CDC criteria.
Here, perhaps, is the reason for Dickens's misdating the glass.
The explanation for Wilde's allusion to HyloIdealism turns out to be surprisingly straightforward, and the failure of Smith and Moore to see it is entirely due to their misdating of the original publication of Wilde's story.
In the last month, we were the first paper to tell everybody about distributors misdating milk," Krenek said.
It led Scheder to repeat some long-standing inaccuracies, including Max Auer's misdating of some of Bruckner's calendar entries (thus, the entry dated "October 1887" was actually made on or around 1 February 1888, a fact ascertainable only from the original).