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However, Strich is unaware of the overtones of sexual deviance in the Troppmann case and thus unaware of the full sex-cum-degeneracy resonance of that case in La Marquise de Sade (which she misdates as published in 1897; it appeared not in 1887 as its cover states, but in late 1886).
Rodney, for instance, misdates the Enlarged Executive meeting by a week.
380, Jerome notes in his Chronicle for 325, `Crispus, the son of Constantine, and Licinius junior, the son of Licinius and Constantia, Constantine's sister, arc most cruelly killed', but misdates the death of Fausta to 328, staring simply, `Constantine kills his wife Fausta'.
Examples of these outrages are burdensome but a few are needed to make the point clear: Tilly muddles kings, confuses dynasties, misdates reigns.
Potentially such faulty reasoning grossly misdates entire strata at Tel Dan.
Maureen Duffy, The Passionate Shepherdess: Aphra Behn, 1640-89 (London, 1977), 254, misdates this as the March sessions from misreading N.
For example, Straub consistently misdates Charlotte Charke's Narrative (1755) as "1746," although the edition she cites lays out the bibliographic history correctly.
Similarly, the Europaische Revue was not an "IG Farben publication," and the article in it that Abraham still mistitles and slightly misdates and misquotes was not written by "one of that trust's spokesmen" (p.
For all that, Arthur Marotti, though he misdates the poem to 1623, gives a fair summary of its overall shape and purpose when he describes it as "a long poem addressing the Commons as an unfair tribunal that condemned an intelligent and talented public servant whose few faults supposedly were far outweighed by his many virtues.
The reviewer came across only one major error: Miller misdates the stadium at Delphi by over 150 years.
However, he there misdates Holland's translation as having appeared in 1601.
A similar contradiction occurs in his account of the founding of the new cathedral in 1296, "sendo la citta di Firenze in assai tranquillo stato, essendo passate le fortune del popolo per le novita di Giano della Bella" (8: 9); moreover here he misdates the event to 1294, when the "revolution" was still at its height (sic).