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In a letter from Boise on 6 June 1938 (which he misdated as June 7), Wolfe wrote to Elizabeth Nowell: "Stopped off here to-day in order to see country to-morrow by daylight.
Events are misdated, including both 1177 battles of Downpatrick (pp.
Harrison, perforce, posits dates for undated letters and is careful to place these dates within square brackets; however, many letters necessary to the understanding of Rossetti's publishing career are certainly misdated.
The document was edited by Ferrandis, who misdated it to 1545 and failed to record the final disposition of the itemized property.
22) Misdated 70-71 at Bennett 2002:309, following Mitford 1980:1180; see Magie 1950:1435; Mitchell 1993:2.
9 million by approving misdated stock-option grants.
On the day the patient was discharged from the hospital, the treating physician dictated a letter to the patient's primary care physician, but misdated it with the previous year.
A cut-tile mosaic panel hanging above the Koran dating back to 15th century Iran was found in storage, and the mosque candlestick also was stored, covered in green wax and misdated to the 18th century.
A Life, 378, where the letter is again partly quoted and misdated.
This article will show that Caro's phrase has been misprinted, misdated, and misunderstood, and that, consequently, the supposed link between Titian and Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica libri septem (Basel, 1543: fig.
5 the plan of the form in Hadrian's time is misdated B.
She is correct about one thing: I misdated the Maginot line.
As stated earlier, we do not have information regarding the grants being investigated, whether they are being investigated for backdating or forward-dating, or the number of days by which the grants were allegedly misdated.