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In the Acknowledgements to A Raid into Dark Corners and Other Essays, this essay is misdated as 1978.
She is correct about one thing: I misdated the Maginot line.
The special committee reviewed stock option grants issued between 1985 and 2006 and found incidences of misdated option grants, the issuance of options after their expiration dates, and errors in the determination of exercise prices for automatic option grants to Board members.
Not long after joining the Klein committee, Pollock compiled and published in 1982 a list of errors in Waddington's collected edition--which ranged from omitted and misdated poems to inconsistencies in the selection of copy texts, faulty transcriptions, and typographical slips--as the first step toward the production of a critical study and, eventually, a complete edition of the poems.
The companies listed have all made public disclosures involving government probes by the SEC or DOJ, the existence of misdated options, restatement of a financial statement to correct expense recognition of option grants, and/or departures of executives because of option practices.
Back on August 28, Restoration Hardware reported its second-quarter earnings--and announced that a review of its stock-options practices showed that it had misdated the accounting of certain previously granted options, mostly in 2002 to 2004.
Many of the pieces seem misdated with serious questions of authenticity," he wrote in a Nov.
While they are at it, if they must feature Freddie (famous for not winning the Grand National in three successive years, 1965 to 1967), they could surely do better than one tired, possibly misdated, picture.
This copy has the extra, deliberately misdated leaves that Daniel added late in 1605 (see below, p.
Those documents were the referral letter from Dr Michael Williams dated April 12, 1990 and the medical notes prepared by Dr Nicola Flower but misdated May 17, 1990.
An FDA auditor who looked at records from the French trials found a number of problems -- missing and intentionally misdated files, missing lab reports and ultrasound documents, under reported and misreported side effects, a surgical evacuation reported as an expulsion, etc.
I would prefer to think that someone has misdated the earliest use of that watermarked paper rather than to believe that the Morgan drawing is by the "Master of the Mountain Landscapes" (as is the Bowdoin drawing also).
Pieter de Hooch's arrival in Delft is misdated in the catalogue as 1654, although a will he witnessed in 1652 describes him as a 'resident of Delft'.
Well on computing, irregular random jumps in date and time can lead to accounting date errors, file date errors, wrong dates being inserted in data, historical data being lost or misdated or scrambled.