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McDonald's chief example of EBB's blunders with sound is the poem "Sounds" (1838), which he misdates as "1844," and presumably chooses in part because of its title and subject matter, even though it is arguably one of her weakest published poems.
There is an egregious lapse of judgment in her suggestion that the churches of northern and southern Ireland had significantly different, oppositional "characters" in the late sixth and seventh centuries (265), for which, not surprisingly, she provides no evidence, and she misdates the manuscript Paris, B.
Nettles misdates the trauma that overwhelmed Third Baptist Church and led to the dismissal of Pastor C.
Smulyan overuses the Astor Place riots from 1849 as a paradigmatic episode of marginal relevance to situations and the context a century later, and she misdates the New York World's Fair to 19.
Stern dates the coining of the word 'playwright' to 1617 and thinks that it later appeared in Ben Jonson's poems 'To playwright' and 'On playwright', which she misdates by their inclusion in the Folio of 1640 (p.
Rodney, for instance, misdates the Enlarged Executive meeting by a week.
However, he there misdates Holland's translation as having appeared in 1601.
Potentially such faulty reasoning grossly misdates entire strata at Tel Dan.