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Synonyms for miscue

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

to make an error or mistake

Synonyms for miscue

a faulty shot in billiards

a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc

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The defending champions scored 31 points off the Angels' miscues, 15 more than they yielded in a match that also saw the Cool Smashers dominated the power-hitting PetroGazz import duo of Wilma Salas and Janisa Johnson.
A section was inserted into the teacher forms of the passages to record the student's word recognition automaticity and reading miscues. While the classification of reading miscues varied in the literature (Akyol, 2010; Pearson, Barr, Kamil, & Mosenthal, 1984), in the present study, the miscues such as omission, addition, reading incorrectly, hesitation, reversal were taken account and besides, there was another section in the teacher forms of the passage, showing starting and ending time of readings and corrects words read in a minute.
Accompanying a miscue analysis, a reader is also asked to 'retell' everything they can remember about the text they just read.
Our research question was "What is the relationship between adaptations made during the reading of disrupted text and the production of miscues during the reading of undisrupted text?" It was hypothesized that an inverse relationship would be found between text disruption adaptation scores and reading miscue scores.
Miscue Analysis is a procedure which involves collecting three pools of data which when taken together provide a detailed forensic picture of the strategies and cognitive understandings students employ to read (Goodman, Watson & Burke, 2005).
The purpose of this case study research was to investigate the use of Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) with a community college student enrolled in a college remedial reading course.
This study's development and use of the Miscue Coding for Metacognitive Strategies (MCMS), a foreign language assessment tool, offers language students and instructors a holistic approach to considering these questions.
Goodman (1997) introduced the concept of Miscue Analysis in 1965 as a method of examining the reading process.
Day blamed a problem with his cue tip for the miscue on the pink, which saw the cue ball bounce over the pink into the pocket.
Day's only joy came on the brink of defeat, pinching frame 22 to trail 12-10, but his tip let him down again as another miscue on the black early in the next let in O'Sullivan to wrap it up.
Different content area texts (science, math, literature) were selected and three oral reading miscue analysis cycles were conducted.
The inclusion of Brun's poetry and plays was an editorial miscue. They did nothing to enhance the musician's reputation.
The title of this book could be Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Miscue Analysis.
Typing ID and TLC reminds me of a miscue that appeared in a major association-mag story late last year.