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something abnormal or anomalous


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The Gentiles incarnated the divine in prodigies of miscreation, one form more terrifying and incomprehensible than the next.
Public comment on the Capstone Collegiate Communities apartment complex in downtown Eugene has been minimal lately because most people don't know where to start when presented with such an architectural miscreation, born of an incestuous relationship between the developers and the city Planning Department.
Humanity is thus a monstrous miscreation, an unnatural linking of the divine spirit (pneuma) with the bestial flesh (soma) by way of the corrupt soul (psyche).
In this poem of miscreation and destruction, the creation that God originally pronounced good is undone, social structure abolished, chaos and darkness restored:
(1) The lyricist John Latouche (1917-1956) had become Powell's friend during the disastrous miscreation of the 1942 revue The Lady Comes Across.