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shape or form or make badly

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Until these programs become more sophisticated or newspaper editors commit themselves to correcting the havoc their machines have wreaked, we readers will continue to chuckle at or sigh about the unintentional charade words miscreated by thoughtless hyphenation.
Toronto even added an ingenious twist in futility, finishing last seven times in six years, if you count both halves of 1981's miscreated split season.
becomes a third term which can never in fact be third because, as a monstrous inversion, a miscreated perversion of its progenitors, it exhausts the differences between them.
Postcolonial theory could do difference with linguistic plays of mimesis, alterity and, rather problematically, the 'monstrous inversion, a miscreated perversion of its progenitors' called hybridity.(15) The hybrid problematic is both metonymic, and perpetuating, of a duplicity of concept that tends to be expressed through postcolonialism's key terms as the imaginary abundance that wholly discursive contests entail.