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an inaccurate count

count wrongly

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But when the group leader miscounts and thinks all the divers are back on board the pair are left bobbing alone in the middle of the ocean.
The system keeps cash securely between managers and customers, reducing the potential for an internal theft and eliminating miscounts.
The ergonomically friendly machine controls the flow and grouping of product automatically, eliminating miscounts due to human error.
By eliminating miscounts and reducing downtime associated with setups and changeovers, the sensor accurately counts both separated and back-to-back containers at line speeds up to 2000 per minute.
After learning that 20 percent of the prescriptions filled by an electronic filler contained miscounts of one or more pills, capsules, or tablets, we checked consumers about their expectations of counting accuracy.
18 contest in the capital had been delayed for months as the conservative-led Guardian Council and the pro-reform interior ministry wrangled over alleged miscounts and voter fraud.