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an inaccurate count

count wrongly

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The death toll in Monday's crash of an Air China passenger jet in South Korea has been revised downward to 122 from the 126 earlier reported due to miscounting by hospitals, a senior official at the Construction and Transportation Ministry said Thursday.
It was the county that took two months - and wasted $250,000, if you can believe Conny McCormack - miscounting VOTE's signatures.
This is a remarkable body of dedicated amateurs, with only a lack of power in the lower strings, an occasional lapse of intonation and the odd suspicion of miscounting to reveal the lack of full-time application.
The operator could give the player the illusion that he was winning early in the game by miscounting in the player's favor.
The action is allegedly brought on behalf of a putative class of MedQuist's employee and independent contractor transcriptionists who claim that they contracted with the Company to be paid per "AAMT line," but were underpaid due to intentional miscounting of the number of characters and lines transcribed.
The investigation was supposed to look into the issue of digital lines produced by PCOS machines, which experts said were signs of irregularities and miscounting of votes, putting in doubt the accuracy of the results of the automated elections in 2013.
Could what looked for all the world like Waley-Cohen disastrously miscounting the number of circuits actually be something altogether more innocent?
Nationalist opposition leader on the new council Pauline Jarman has supported colleague Adrian Hobson's call for ballot papers to be scrutinised again to dispel worries about miscounting.
Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes said the recounts were "distorting, reinventing and miscounting the true intentions of the voters of Florida".
McCormack's office spent $250,000 in taxpayer money miscounting Skinnell's 300,000 signatures and not getting the job done until it was too late.
While the Don't Count Us Out Coalition was encouraged that Nielsen acknowledged the flaws in their system and delayed the launch of LPM's, Nielsen can not mask the fact that they are miscounting African Americans and Latinos by simply counting more of them.
Despite miscounting and throwing for the wrong double in one leg, the Flying Scotsman eased into a 2-0 lead.
ALASTAIR DOWN states that all the technology in the world could not prevent jockeys miscounting the laps.
Despite miscounting and throwing for the wrong double in one leg the Flying Scotsman eased into a 2-0 lead.