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an inaccurate count

count wrongly

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If the allegations are found to be true Mr Joshi faces being found guilty of miscount.
(I only hope I didn't swear, or mumble too much.) The "worry wart" in me is waiting for the telephone call telling me there was a miscount and they want their award back!
Any complaint is called an issue--such as quality, if something is shipped wrong, or if there is a miscount. The complaint gets logged into our quality system; then we review it and solve the problem.
Even my husband has a hard time understanding." Other participants commented, "Others judge me harshly when I turn in my grades late, miscount field trip money, or teach a concept wrong.
The system of certification for these machines is highly flawed and it "allows machines to miscount and lose votes." Some of the systems made by private companies use proprietary software that isn't open for public examination.
The Labour Department sent a letter to the union declaring that Tommie Hutto-Blake was the winner of the 2004 election not John Ward after a miscount of disputed ballots.
The paper reported on Tuesday that for the six months ending September 2003, poor record-keeping and a miscount of promotional copies as paid would reduce its daily circulation, reported at 579,729, by about 40,000 copies, while its Sunday paper, circulation 671,819, would go down about 60,000 copies.
Mismatched cables can cause bus reflections that will miscount that can hand the bus.
Since late November, members of the board of directors in Hollywood, one of several SAG branches around the country, have been at odds not only about whether the merger itself is a good idea but about a miscount in an internal election that raised charges of tampering and corruption.
WinningriderAdamNicolwas the latest to miscount and transgress the whip rules and missesJune1-4.
THE housing miscount is not the first time North East sums have not added up.
There was an incident in which Al Wefaq bloc president MP Shaikh Ali Salman demanded a revote after Mr Al Dhahrani seemed to miscount the number of raised hands.
The Council will go on to claim that Mr Thompson is guilty of miscount on the grounds that on an application for registration dated July 27 2005 the dispensing optician dishonestly stated that he had not been convicted of a criminal offence nor had he been cautioned in relation to a criminal offence when he had been convicted at Halesowen Magistrates Court on February 14 1984 and at West Bromwich Magistrates Court on November 16 2004, and cautioned on October 24 1998, as well as other allegations.
The reason for this apparent miscount is field size: there are four day ones and two day twos, a confusing arrangement designed to accommodate all contestants.
A miscount of laps in the men's middle distance 3,000m invitation cost John Mayock dearly and allowed Spencer Barden to triumph in 8:31.