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a kind of misinterpretation resulting from putting a wrong construction on words or actions (often deliberately)

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And yet, a few minutes afterwards, she felt as if their being in company with each other, under their present circumstances, could only be exposing them to inadvertencies and misconstructions of the most mischievous kind.
Particular misconstructions and contraventions of the will of the legislature may now and then happen; but they can never be so extensive as to amount to an inconvenience, or in any sensible degree to affect the order of the political system.
as well as you do--that such misconstructions are foreign to your nature.
He alleged that order of the accountability court order was apparently based on misreading, non-reading of facts and misconstruction of law.
He notes that the courts retain ultimate jurisdiction against the misconstruction of statutory or regulatory language, but in the next breath celebrates the fact that the occasions for intervention are few and far between.
Becoming Jaime Nevares: Imagination, False Identity and Historical Misconstruction in the Communist International's Latin American Network, 1925-1979".
Although his intents for independent foreign and security policies are sound and revolutionary, his approach of expressing it seems tactical that may lead to the misconstruction of his language,' Cabalza said, adding:
United States, (69) the tax code makes "specific intent to violate the law an element of certain federal criminal tax offenses," (70) and a defendant's good faith misconstruction of an income tax provision provides a defense to criminal prosecutions under statutory provisions carrying a willfulness requirement.
This dissensus begins with a disagreement, not a misunderstanding or misconstruction, but when "[t]he interlocutors both understand and do not understand the same thing by the same words" (Ranciere, 1995/1999, p.
In the preamble to the Bill of Rights: "The convention of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added.
That's a deep misconstruction of what religion really is.
The ruling wasn't particularly bad, though there were several flaws in it, but it allowed the NFA to stand, and every Second Amendment case for the next 70 years was basically dismissed based on a misconstruction of the Miller ruling.
The distinctions are between Origen's alleged thought--a misconstruction ultimately stemming from the Origenistic controversies--and Nyssen's, not between Origen's actual thought (as it emerges from his authentic texts) and Nyssen's.
1237 (2011); Note, Misconstruction of Sister State Law in Conflict of Laws, 12 Stan.
The over-scrupulous, warns Richard Hooker, "cast themselves first into verie great and peradventure needlesse agonies through misconstruction of things spoaken, about proportioning our greifes to our sinnes: for which they never thinck they have wept and mourned enough" (3:101).