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a kind of misinterpretation resulting from putting a wrong construction on words or actions (often deliberately)

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Unfortunately, Aristotle's translators long made a muddle of his analysis by presenting it as distinguishing four kinds of "causes." In the usual textbook rendering, answer 1 gives the "efficient cause" of Socrates's death, answer 2 the "formal cause," answer 3 the "material cause," and answer 4 the "final cause." Although countless students have been taught this misconstrual of Aristotle's words, it turns his perfectly sensible theory into gibberish by counting Socrates's mortality, his body, and the purpose of executing him among the causes of his death.
Of course, the farther "zoomed out" the level of interaction, the more guarded the interlocutors need to be against misconstrual, hegemonic narrations, and egocentric translations--but the concentricity between Derrida and Lindbeck creates within the linguistic turn the condition of possibility for interreligious intelligibility.
This is a complete and utter misconstrual of libertarianism.
(17) The effort to avoid such a misconstrual leads thus to a crisis 'not of truth but of reference', (18) of how to process one's witness.
It is the misconstrual and lack of understanding of the "life of the self" that cause all such complications and contradictions, upsetting the dharma of their present.
Richard Wagner's putdown of the sacred oratorio ("an obvious misconstrual of the present"), cited more than once in the book under review, is a good indication of how low the genre had fallen in general esteem by the 1830s.
The book is a wild swerve away from its ostensible subject: it gives Shade's delicate poem space to speak for itself, but then accelerates across a wide plain of comical misconstrual and feverish digression.
According to Zdravkova, she will not run as vice-president, and the prior announcement is a product of media misconstrual.
public rests on a misconstrual of public nuisance's historical
His reply: "The artist should not want to be right." In 1972, near the end of a painful-to-read discussion with Louis Finkelstein, who kept making the mistake of disagreeing with Guston (a war of mutual interruption and misconstrual ensued), Guston defused the tension in one blow: "I didn't realize I would run into somebody as paranoid as I am."
Moreover, the Calvinist accusation that the Catholic doctrine of ex opera operato is magical and Deistic is founded on a misconstrual of Catholic teaching: the principle of ex opera operato expresses the instrumental causality of the sacramental rite, but the efficient cause remains the Holy Spirt.
That detachment, in turn, can lead to a theological misconstrual of, and pessimistic acquiescence in, the suffering to which hope responds.
Such is the consequence of the "local color" stance toward a regional character; the narrator's willingness to objectify the object of narration becomes entirely subject to misconstrual by readers for whom such objectification of the racial or regional "other" serves to confirm the superiority or dominance of the mainstream perspective, often using humor as the vehicle for its influence.
(77) The terminology being highly politicised and pertaining to the sensitive and explosive issue of ethnic relations, deliberate misconstrual, hypocrisy and circumlocution were frequently applied--by government administrators, political figures and non-Russian national movement leaders alike--leading to major discrepancies between semantics, rhetoric and reality.
This fifth point seems based on a misconstrual of the IPS premises, and therefore we will not devote much space to replying to it.