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Kardashian West, who is studying law and who has worked with the US government on criminal justice issues, said in an interview with her husband, Kanye West: "There is a misconception that I don't actually have to study and that I've bought my way into getting a law degree - that's absolutely not true.
This is a misconception that is often propagated by lawyers' opponents, but we cannot deny that some lawyers have encouraged this negative view and established it in the minds of many.
Relating an interesting story the 36-year-old said: "One German lady who moved to the UAE in 1980s told me that she never visited an Emirati house because she had a misconception that if she visited she would be offered a goat head to eat.
WATCH: DILG chief says threats in Philippines 'just misconception' !-- -- Rosette Adel (philstar.com) - March 6, 2019 - 6:13pm MANILA, Philippines Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Antildeo saidthreats in the Philippines are just "misconception" after Australia and the United Kingdom issuedtravel advisories on some parts of the country.
This is just as counsel to the accused persons, Abdul Rasheed Lawal, announced his withdrawal from the case based on legal misconception allegedly given to him about the accused persons.
Another misconception, he said, was related to air pollution being caused by the coal-fired power plants.
Misconception: Chocolate and greasy foods cause acne Fact: Many people have heard that chocolate and junk food are the worst foods for your skin, but modern science hasn't found a direct link between acne and oily foods.
The religious verdict was passed after reports of 200,000 newborns dying in a year due to pneumonia due to the misconception that the azaan can only be recited to them after they are bathed.
Misconception 1) Smoke is less of a risk late in the growing season: An Australian study found that taint was the most elevated when smoke exposure occurred in the period from seven days after veraison to the harvest date.
The first and most prevalent misconception is that crime is rising, when in fact a quick look at the numbers will tell you that crime is at its lowest rates in 40 years.
I RESPOND to David Lewis' letter of April 12 - "Christianity is man's biggest misconception".
The result revealed that misconception prevailed in the younger age as 91% of the patients with misconceptions were under 35 years and majority were in the 26-35-year group (50%) (Figure 1).
"The idea that getting a CRM tool up and running is difficult and expensive is a common misconception among small-business owners, which attributes to the low adoption rates," says Jamie Domenici, vice president of SMB for Salesforce.com.
Misconception No 1: Marijuana users cannot qualify for life insurance.