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He should put his pride in his pocket; he may accept confidences; explain his in nocence as if it were a sin; he may take advantage of misconceptions, of desires and of weaknesses; he ought to conceal his horror and other emotions, and, if the fate of a human being, and that human being a magnificent young girl, is strangely in volved--why, he should contemplate that fate
Not a grain of anger with them was in his heart; he knew them, far below their surface weaknesses and misconceptions, as no one but their fellow- labourer could.
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle: It will be nice for people to see me as me.
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle: Everyone is used to seeing me scream on Most Haunted.
He said: "There is a common misconception that smoking shisha is healthier than cigarettes but research shows harm to the body is quite significant.
The misconception kicks in and the question is raised C "How can she drive C she's deaf?
The first misconception is assuming that "all histologies are created equal" that the type of cancer doesn't matter once it has spread to the brain.
He added that the misconception that women should not work in the sector should also end.
1] and Chapman and Hudson, [15] which also indicated misconception rates ranging from 43.
The first misconception is that pure and applied research are unrelated.
In sum, the results snowed that misconception items were missed by traditional psychology students, undergraduate students in educational nursing, master's students in behavior analysis, and members of the faculty.
TRUTH: As with misconception three, the issue of what "analyze" means is pertinent here.
Garner & Dalsing, 1986), find higher misconception rates than others (McCutcheon, et al.
To the Editor: As two of the authors of the original paper describing the therapeutic misconception (Loren Roth was the third), we appreciate Jonathan Kimmelman's retrospective of the concept.
Northumberland Tourism's marketing manager Barbara Samoilenko said: "There is a popular misconception about the climate in the North East.