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Synonyms for mischievousness

Synonyms for mischievousness

an attribute of mischievous children

the trait of behaving like an imp

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pursuing an event where the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen breached the 12-nautical mile zone China states around Subi and Mischievousness reefs in the Spratly island chain.
pursuing an incident where the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen broke the 12-nautical mile area China states around Subi and Mischievousness reefs in the Spratly archipelago.
Anyone who has ever had a feline companion of their own will recognize the mischievousness and demands of a cat named Pandora--and what a boy named Peter and his mother must put up with!
There was a ferocity and mischievousness, a spark of defiance, independence and excited energy.
The suspects' lawyer, Saeed Al Gailani, argued before the court that the 17-year-old girl fabricated this case out of malice and mischievousness.
Although her mischievousness makes Grandmother "grumble like an ogre," the answer is yes.
NNA - Speaker of the House Nabih Berri said that the awareness of the people of Dahieh was greater than the mischievousness of the aggressors, indicating that the "terrorist groups have published the identity of the terrorists in order to incite discord between the Lebanese and Syrian brethrens." Speaker Berri was speaking on Friday at the opening of the legislative session at the House of Parliament, to continue discussion of the remaining agenda items.
He added that that the awareness of the people was greater than the mischievousness of the aggressors.
Monster-Children have long held the attention of viewers, perhaps because of the juxtaposition between their child-like innocence and their childish mischievousness. This book contains a collection of essays that critically examine representations of monstrous children in popular cinema since the 1950s.
That mischievousness with his own image continued in the publicity for the new album Syro; in addition to a promotional blimp absurdly emblazoned with Aphex Twin's logo, the campaign featured a widely-circulated image of James's face sliced horizontally and recombined into an alien gargoyle.
"We did try to create a sense of mischievousness," said Maxham, "something that paralleled the uncertainly of our hero's bold dialogue."
ACO Walton added: "We know that this time of year can be accompanied by a mood of mischievousness that could tempt people to act out of character.
Anyway, Pete became The Chantelles roadie and his accession to this lofty station occasioned a comic tragedy of mischievousness which now seems like par for the course of the crazy times we lived in.
She knows immediately from their answers who has the curiosity and the mischievousness needed to make it.
"I never let him live it down,'' she said with a laugh layered with mischievousness.