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Synonyms for mischievousness

Synonyms for mischievousness

an attribute of mischievous children

the trait of behaving like an imp

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When you've felt pressure to be a bit of a goodie-goodie, your mischievousness side comes out.
She knows immediately from their answers who has the curiosity and the mischievousness needed to make it.
I never let him live it down,'' she said with a laugh layered with mischievousness.
But he was always propelled -- in acting and in life -- by a mischievousness and an abiding playfulness that made him a tireless performer, an enduring family man and, of course, one immortal scoundrel.
DINNER BELL Haupt mentioned mischievousness, as have other cocker owners, so I asked him about it.
Sam Swann's wide-eyed Peter with his quiff perfectly captures the energy, and mischievousness of the boy who never wants to grow up.
Zelzelah (Earthquake in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu) was her childhood nickname, which was given to her because of her mischievousness while growing up.
Una voce poco fa" features brilliant, accurate ornamentation with her wonderful low chesty mezzo sound, nicely enhancing the mischievousness of the character.
He didn't deny that judging a competition like best-dressed lady was very subjective, but he couldn't have made it any more clear that, as far as he was concerned, mild levels of fashion mischievousness were at play.
He said that the producing of such film which hurt the sentiments of Muslims is a condemnable step and such mischievousness is not acceptable.
The timing is perfect as visitors will be in time to discover a performer with a fair amount to talent, grace and a little dose of mischievousness.
Bringing back charm and mischievousness to the funny pages, "The Mighty Alice" is a compilation from Richard Thompson, multi-award winning cartoonist.
Of course it was none, Maxine herself is a confident, engaging character with a smile hinting at mischievousness, a genuinely Lancastrian accent and a determination ensuring her latest, title role in Strindberg's masterpiece Miss Julie at the Royal Exchange, Manchester, leaves us with another indelible image.
Play Clan (Peter Celli Street, Fort Kochi; tel: 645 5001) is full of bright products, almost beckoning with their naughtiness and mischievousness.
With her beguiling mix of good intentions and mischievousness, [ETH]milie is pretty much a carbon copy of Amlie (Tautou's character in the film of the same name) although irritatingly fickle.