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A Welsh Government source said: "It is transparent mischief-making.
One example of Trump's malicious mischief-making was his support for the ludicrous personal attack on President Barack Obama, alleging that he was not born in the United States and so ineligible to be president.
Pushed down a notch to third place was animated comedy "Minions," a prequel to "Despicable Me" featuring three tiny mischief-making creatures.
But the 79-year-old appeared to muddy the waters this week when, in what was seen by some as a mischief-making attempt to unsettle his critics, he said: "I have not resigned, I put my mandate in the hands of an extraordinary congress.
Hiding out in their ivory towers, mischief-making, I've no doubt Mark Cummings, Windsor Quay, Grangetown, Cardiff
I don't want to be accused of mischief-making by Sunderland fans because I'm desperate for them to really kick on this season, but that does trouble me.
How to Make Trouble and Influence People: Pranks, Protests, Graffiti & Political Mischief-Making from Across Australia focuses on Australia's history of radical activity and presents some 500 stories of resistance and revolts, from creative street art and guerilla theatre to banner drops.
And with apathy like that, there's a disturbing chance the BNP's bid for the West Mids plum job may turn out to be more than simple mischief-making.
A combination of mischief-making by an extreme Left-wing party and sympathetic coverage from the Guardian and BBC has left this initiative in tatters.
Law's lawyers hit back: "Accu-sations of cynicism and mischief-making by News International are ridiculous.
He then attacked the union for making "inaccurate, misleading and mischief-making allegations".
This well-researched account traces the rise of the Ku Klux Klan from six restless, bored Tennessee men's mischief-making social club to a frighteningly powerful group responsible for horrific hate crimes.
99) tells of Alice and her friends, who understand mischief-making but face troubles when an increase in vandalism at Alice's school turns out to be the work of a neo-Nazi group and not a senior prank.
Iain McIntyre, How to Make Trouble and Influence People: Pranks, Hoaxes, Graffiti and Political Mischief-Making from across Australia, Breakdown Press, Carlton, 2009.