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The model proposed in this paper serves to keep a driver from riding a bike unless he/she doesn't wear a protective cap and programmed identification of potholes and mounds and cautioning vehicle drivers to dodge potential mischances. The proposed methodology is a monetary answer for recognition of ghastly potholes and uneven mounds, as it uses minimal effort ultrasonic sensors and IR sensors.
The rejection of "grand metanarratives" is also a parable about Marxism, recording its failure to account for, much less predict, the historical mischances that have rendered the Left impotent.
Lord Justice Nicholson said: "By the rarest of mischances, his little hand felt its way down the side of the settee and found a lighter.
Whan he hadde founde his firste mansioun, When he had found his first mansion, He knew the remenaunt by proporcioun, He knew the remnant by proportion, And knew the arisyng of his moone weel, And knew the arising of his moon well, And in whos face, and terme, and everydeel; And in whose face, and term, and everything; And knew ful weel the moones mansioun And knew full well the moon's mansion Accordaunt to his operacioun, Accordant to his operation, And knew also his othere observaunces And knew also his other observances For swiche illusiouns and swiche meschaunces For such illusions and such mischances As hethen folk useden in thilke dayes.
The second may be called a dramatic asynchronicity in which the 'rhythms of meetings, developments and mischances' result from an 'incompatibility between the amorous instant and temporal succession'.[3] Bakhtin arrives at a similar conclusion for romance as a whole.
was, perhaps not unnaturally, attended by a series of the most unfortunate mischances and mistakes -- buildings were erected, pulled down, and re-erected in other places; numerous diversions were made; bridges were strengthened after completion; rails were twisted in every conceivable form and laid in such a way that it seemed impossible for a train to run over them ...
Through a series of mischances, and as a result of coercion by some of my colleagues, I was deputed the task of interviewing Baroness Jay during her visit to the hospital.
The difficulty of forgiving and the burden of intervening are also themes running through Part 2, "Playing Hardball," which focuses on the alliances and mischances occurring between father figures and sons - a section that seems to revise insightfully Richard Wright's legacy of the inevitable schism between the inadequate, Jim Crowed father and the ambitious, cannier native son.
With the benefit of hindsight, however, it is possible to discern in these mischances the first green shoots of the ultimate dissolution of the significance of proportional notations.
One may also be reminded of the way in which the body of Pap in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is killed again and again as a result of what Frederick Crews might call "|innocent' mischances of plotting" (177).
He ventures, unsubstantiated, the view that books were read communally in the Victorian household |since reading aloud was still preferred to private, silent reading' (84), and appears to be unaware that cowcumber was an acceptable usage for cucumber and not a Dickensian coinage which reinforces his argument that |the world of nature proves quite conspicuously susceptible to the changes and mischances of speech' (77).
A STRING of mischances meant that Moor Green's hopes of a top five finish are diminishing after being held to a draw at home to Barrow.
Here we have a dead rabbi; I would prefer a purely rabbinical explanation, not the imaginary mischances of an imaginary robber" (107) all have a latent aesthetiazed content, as does Lonnrot's meeting with Scharlach, Scharlach's machinations "labyrinth" -- "I have woven it and it is firm; the ingredients are a dead heresiologist, a compass, an eighteenth-century sect, a Greek word, a dagger, the diamonds of a paint shop" -- which Lonnrot finds an inappropriate combination since ultimately they fail to cohere; "In your labyrinth there are three lines too many" -- appear as an apt image as the system of Law as Chance, as ever mobile polyvocal desire.
"By the rarest of mischances his little hand felt its way down the side of the settee and found a lighter.
However, Lye Town fought back and found the net just before the interval when Paul Edwards pulled back to Matt Blakemore, who let rip with a powerful drive A string of mischances from White in the second half made sure the tie was always in the balance, but the second half talking point was on 68 minutes when Andy Burgess received his second yellow card and subsequent dismissal for dissent.