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cast an actor, singer, or dancer in an unsuitable role

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Astonishingly miscast in a role more suited to the rough charm of Jason Statham Bloom seems beset by an early mid-life crisis
Crick is an excellent and provocative political journalist, but he was miscast here.
On April 24, the Head of the Home Office's Prevent Unit, Paul Morrison, was spoken to in which he said that the initiative had been miscast and exaggerated in the press.
Neeson is miscast in a role that demands far more charisma - but at least the theme tune is still recognisable beneath all of the clatter.
I'm Celtic, Welsh, and I don't have that flair for playing a Spanish painter" - Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, admitting he was miscast as Picasso in a movie.
Not that it's all textbooky--we also learn that Hammer, long miscast as solely baggy-pantsted and catchphrasy, could put a serious beatdown on some snitches if warranted, and get good interviews with important players ($hort
Lawrence is miscast as the wayward son who returns to the nest and realises that the designer labels and celebrity bling of Los Angeles don't count for squat in his close-knit hometown of Dry Springs.
Una duracion excesiva y el miscast de Gyllenhaal son las unicas debilidades de este thriller sofisticado.
Madsen is miscast in Fingerling's fantasy, misused in the movie's reality.
And the marvelously polished dancing of the SAB students (rehearsed by Olga Kostritzky and Garielle Whittle) put to shame the poorly rehearsed and miscast company production of the Balanchine masterwork Episodes.
If there is a criticism to make of the film, Nicole Kidman is miscast as Ada Monroe and not helped by the script and the director.
While many of the character roles are outstanding, all three principals seem oddly miscast.
I was only about 24 at the time and was playing a 55-year-old so I was grossly miscast,'' says Roper, who was born in Bradford.
The film was criticized for being miscast (though I thought both performers had their moments), but for those who know nothing about this scene (like m e), it did serve as a revealing time capsule.