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Synonyms for misappropriation

Synonyms for misappropriation

wrong, often corrupt use

Synonyms for misappropriation

the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else

wrongful borrowing

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Enter the Defend Trade Secrets Act, which provides for an injunction to prevent any actual or threatened misappropriation -- the same language from the Uniform Trade Secret Act from which courts derive the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine," he said.
Moreover, the DTSA will give companies access to federal court for trade secret misappropriation claims without having to first establish independent federal court jurisdiction, by tacking on an additional federal claim or showing diversity of citizenship.
Manuel Rubio, 46, the owner of North Valley Auto Collision, was charged on two counts of misappropriation of public funds and Gilberto Salcedo, 31, owner of Quality Auto, was charged with one count.
If a firm partner or employee discloses the inside information to a confidant who is not a firm partner or employee, then the misappropriation rules may apply.
In April 2006, DIRECTV filed civil complaints against two Florida commercial establishments for the unauthorized public display and misappropriation of DIRECTV residential service for commercial purposes.
The Anti-Corruption office said that misappropriation was found in the purchase of land as the sugar mills was purchased with Rs 7-8 billion and its total price was mentioned Rs 180 million only, inflicting a loss of Rs 500-600 million on the national exchequer.
It is also noteworthy that a hiring employer can be liable for misappropriation of trade secrets under a theory of inevitable disclosure.
The Elementary and Secondary Education Department has notified the VC and NC Nazims as the member of the PTCs and has requested public through media campaigns to identity any misappropriations in the PTC funds.
According to prosecution, Ramzan was involved in misappropriation of funds while he worked at the General Post Office (GPO), Darya Khan, Rajanpur.
The three were accused of fraudulently acquiring public property and misappropriation of Sh700,000 meant for the construction of a borehole at Nabunga Secondary School in 2007.
As NAB has approved the inquiry, the officers of Directorate of Health Services FATA will be probed for their alleged misappropriation of funds of a polio eradication programme in the tribal areas.
The Osh regional court has launched a criminal case into forgery, power abuse, misappropriation of funds and abuse of authority by employees of commercial or other organizations after violations in construction of a kindergarten in Akjar village of Uzgen district, the General Prosecutor's Office reported.
KWARA House of Assembly has recommended immediate dissolution of board and management of Harmony Holdings Limited, a multi-billion parastatal controlling the state government, over alleged misappropriation.
A top ODM official has denied claims of misappropriation of funds by the party's executive.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) requested the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to open a probe into financial misappropriation committed by Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif.