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Synonyms for misapplication

wrong, often corrupt use

Synonyms for misapplication

wrong use or application

the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else

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The order read that keeping in view the strong religious sentiments in society, it ought to be understood quite clearly that any call coming from serious quarters for reform in the laws regarding offences related to religion could only be a call for introducing safeguards against misapplication or misuse of such laws by motivated persons and such a call was ordinarily not to be construed as a call against the religious aspects of the offences covered by such laws.
He charged the State Public Procurement Agency to be steadfast and innovative in the application of the laws and regulations, noting that it was on record that his administration placed a high premium on accountability and would, therefore, not condone any act of misappropriation and misapplication of the public funds.
However, procedural safeguards should be developed to prevent misapplication or misuse of the law relating to the offence of blasphemy.
26) A "sufficiently large number of cases" to evidence widespread misapplication of hate speech laws this most certainly is not.
The Safety Support Car S (Sapo Car S) category includes vehicles that are additionally equipped with a pedal misapplication prevention system and is recommended all drivers including the elderly.
A March 2017 indictment originally charged Garza with four felony counts of bank fraud, two counts of theft and misapplication and three counts of making false entries.
He said that freedom of expression was already under threat from non-state actors in the name of faith and ideology and by preventing discussion on misapplication of faith related laws.
The Minister added that the pact in Lebanon exists but its misapplication leads to strained relations between Lebanese counterparts, especially when it comes to important Constitutional deadlines such as presidential elections and agreement on a new law for legislative elections.
Members also expressed concern that parents may have received or paid fixed penalty notices based on a misunderstanding or misapplication of the regulations by head teachers.
Some accidents, caused by human error, may include operating electrical equipment beyond capacity, misuse or misapplication of equipment, and dust or dirt build up, which is quite common but is most often ignored.
Join us twitter @LivEcho News "it is certainly fairly " arguable that this arrangement may strike members of the public as constituting a misapplication of public monies.
10) Between 2000 and 2013, however, the Florida Supreme Court exercised discretionary conflict jurisdiction on the basis that it perceived misapplication of its own precedent no fewer than 15 times.
TANGIERS, Morocco, June 5 (KUNA) -- The major challenges facing growth and development in the Arab world include slow economic growth, misapplication of public funds, scaling back of local and foreign investments, high rates of poverty, and rampant unemployment, said a Kuwaiti official on Thursday.
Three greens at The Players Championship remained off limits Tuesday to the strongest field in golf, a combination of bad weather in the winter and the misapplication of a lawn product.
The FTB recently reported it was processing refunds for a penalty applied to certain Single Member Limited Liability Companies (SMLLCs) due to misapplication of the late filing penalty under Revenue and Taxation Code Sec.