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Synonyms for mirror

Synonyms for mirror

one that is worthy of imitation or duplication

to send back or form an image of


to copy (another) slavishly

Words related to mirror

polished surface that forms images by reflecting light

a faithful depiction or reflection

reflect as if in a mirror

Related Words

reflect or resemble

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References in classic literature ?
Bearing against the mirror, after a short silence, he said:
Had the elevation of the parabolic mirror been a few yards higher, none could have lived to tell the tale.
As for the Widow Wycherly, she stood before the mirror courtesying and simpering to her own image, and greeting it as the friend whom she loved better than all the world beside.
The mirror still continued the great object of desire, particularly in the eyes of the old housewife, who produced a pot of parched flour and a string of biscuit roots.
The mirror was cracked across; the dressing-table had lost a leg; and both lay flat, with my brushes and shaving-table, and the foolish toilet crockery which no one uses (but I should have to replace) strewn upon the carpet.
During that time Voliere drew me as I appeared in the mirror.
As soon as breakfast was over they all went into the Magician's big workshop, where the Glass Cat was lying before the mirror and the Patchwork Girl lay limp and lifeless upon the bench.
Having bathed, the Belgian tied a small hand mirror to a cord sewn to the rear wall of his tent, placed a rude chair beside an equally rude table that stood beside the glass, and proceeded to remove the rough stubble from his face.
As he sat musing over his cigarette his eyes fell upon a mirror before him, and in it he saw reflected a table at which four men sat at cards.
She laughed softly, and took off her hat, straightening the wavy brown hair, which had escaped bounds a little, in front of the mirror.
Over against the rail, ten feet to one side, stood Lerumie, smirking into the trade mirror he had just bought.
While they were playing one day as children, they happened by chance to look together into a mirror that was placed on their mother's chair.
A SILKEN-EARED Spaniel, who traced his descent from King Charles the Second of England, chanced to look into a mirror which was leaning against the wainscoting of a room on the ground floor of his mistress's house.
Give me, I pray, thy wonderful mirror, so that when absent out of
He crept to it to revive himself, lifted the upper part of his body on his trembling arms, thrust forward his head and saw the reflection of his face, as in a mirror.