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the term in a syllogism that is the subject of the conclusion

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And it was established in the second minor term that the heaven is truly in its natural position, therefore, the correct logical conclusion is that the heaven is neither light nor dense in actuality and it is not so potentially (bi'l-quwwa) or contingently.
When the middle term is necessary, then "A--M--C" taken together as a whole is necessary, for in a given demonstrative syllogism the composite of minor term, middle term, and major term cannot be other than it is.
On the other hand, Apostle renders this passage much more neutrally: "But to know the reason is to know through the cause; hence the middle term should belong to the minor term through it [that is, the minor term], and the major term should belong to the middle term through it [that is, the middle term].
Full Trinity Minor terms and conditions available on request and can be viewed at www.
This article investigates the nature of Aristotelian syllogistics and shows that the categorical syllogism is fundamentally about showing the connection, in the premises of the syllogism, between the major and minor terms as stated in the conclusion.