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the shorter or shortest axis of an ellipse or ellipsoid

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The non-circular chainring shape was described as a skewed ellipse or a twincam, where the major and the minor axes are not perpendicular (Figure 1).
To determine whether the geometric proportions or Cartesian coordinates of the statolith, as viewed aborally, change with increasing body size, the ratio of the major to minor axes (a/b) was plotted as a function of body length (not shown).
To the right of the single, I placed a new double in which the major and minor axes of the inner and outer ellipse are reversed, which accounts for the fact that the space between the two ellipses is never parallel.
From these observations, the disk of Juno was found to be elliptical, with major and minor axes of 293 km and 252 km (182 and 157 miles), respectively.
Major and minor axes have infinitely adjustable speeds from 0 to 24 rpm.
To obtain the diameters, major and minor axes (mm) were measured from each one of these images.
The area of the dispersed phase, the major and minor axes ([D.
The equivalent diameters, calculated as the square root of the product of the major and minor axes, varied from between 28 and 60 nm, with an average of around 44 nm.
The major and minor axes were measured (to the nearest 0.
For this, we reduce both the major and minor axes of the ellipse by multiplying each by the factor 0.