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small finback of coastal waters of Atlantic and Pacific

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Male minke whales can grow up to 23ft, and females up to 26ft.
html) minke whale , which has been identified as the victim in Korostelev's footage, can reach 35 feet long.
Minke whales usually live for between 40 and 50 years, and Frankie Hobro, owner of Anglesey Sea Zoo, has suggested the whale got separated from its mother and was unable to take care of itself.
At the beginning of October, a 36ft-long minke whale was found washed up on a beach in Kent after it was believed to have been hit by a passing ship.
And there was a threefold increase in young minke whales seen - with 28 juvenile whales and 30 adults spotted during the survey between March and October.
9m The average length to which an adult male Minke whale grows
The 30 sightings of minke whale were described as "exceptional" and there were 10 occasions when dolphins were seen.
Minke whales and other Mysticeti whale species grow baleen instead of teeth.
These porpoise were photographed off Anglesey Spectacular: Bottlenose dolphins Rare visitor: A Minke whale
The resumption of commercial whaling is always a possibility and the 2006 IWC report allows that in the future it might be the case that minke whale numbers in the Southern Hemisphere could be caught "without increasing the depletion risk" ("Scientific Permit Whaling").
Some Japanese scientists have suggested minke whale populations may have grown as much as eightfold over the last 100 years.
Dragon Rescue service, based in Cardiff Bay, was called upon to remove the 33ft minke whale from Barry Harbour after it was washed ashore at headland at the Knap before the tide moved it to its final resting place on Tuesday night.
The whale, found opposite the Albert Road track on Saturday night, is thought to be a Minke whale.
Japan has continued whaling in the waters to detect any change in the minke whale population and its effect on fishery resources since fiscal 1994.
Scientists plan to analyze the content of the whales' stomachs and determine how much fish a typical minke whale eats.