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small finback of coastal waters of Atlantic and Pacific

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Over the past 13 years, the Sea Watch Foundation has recorded 25 sightings of minke whales around the North Wales coast.
Despite new laws prohibiting whale hunting, or whaling, Japan continues to send whale hunters to Antarctica in search of Minke Whales to kill.
Antarctic minke whales can grow to measure up to 10 meters long and weigh up to 9 tons.
Male minke whales can grow up to 23ft, and females up to 26ft.
In November a 30ft Minke whale also washed up on Cleethorpes beach in Lincolnshire, but was later swept away by the tide.
And there was a threefold increase in young minke whales seen - with 28 juvenile whales and 30 adults spotted during the survey between March and October.
The 30 sightings of minke whale were described as "exceptional" and there were 10 occasions when dolphins were seen.
A ship strike which is associated with a minke whale occurred in the southeastern part of Tsushima Island along the sailing route of a fast ferry between Korea and Japan (34[degrees]33'N, 129[degrees]38'E) on December 16, 2004 (Table 1 and Figure 1).
Summary: A minke whale has been put down after it was found stranded on a North Sea beach in the British county of Northumberland.
Sea Watch Sightings Officer Danielle Gibas said: "We'd had a sighting of whales near Anglesey and had come across minke whale during a survey in Cardigan Bay earlier in the month.
The resumption of commercial whaling is always a possibility and the 2006 IWC report allows that in the future it might be the case that minke whale numbers in the Southern Hemisphere could be caught "without increasing the depletion risk" ("Scientific Permit Whaling").
Dragon Rescue service, based in Cardiff Bay, was called upon to remove the 33ft minke whale from Barry Harbour after it was washed ashore at headland at the Knap before the tide moved it to its final resting place on Tuesday night.
The whale, found opposite the Albert Road track on Saturday night, is thought to be a Minke whale. It is about seven metres long and two metres in wide.
Japan has continued whaling in the waters to detect any change in the minke whale population and its effect on fishery resources since fiscal 1994.