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submersible vessel for one or two persons


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The 10-ton minisubmarine has been kept at the base since it was salvaged from the sea floor near Koje Island, South Kyongsang.
SKIPPERS were yesterday warned to watch out for a runaway minisubmarine that could be roaming the North Sea at high speed.
They said the system became necessary after South Korean naval forces sank a North Korean minisubmarine in waters near Japan last December.
Japan dispatched patrol planes to gather information on a North Korean minisubmarine that entered South Korean waters early Friday off South Cholla Province, the Defense Agency said.
Yesterday Egypt deployed a remote control minisubmarine to find the black box flight recorders as the first remains of victims were recovered to Cairo.
Three former warehouses have been converted into studios, providing 70,000 sq ft of space capable of sustaining massive sets replicating everything from a London skyscraper and the Old Bailey in the 1800s to the bottom of the ocean and a minisubmarine docking pool.
Even the last-moment discovery of a Japanese minisubmarine could not crack the conventional assessment by the Americans that the Japanese navy was set in its prewar defensive posture.
24 Kyodo The Defense Agency moved closer Thursday to a decision to set up an emergency line between the agency and the South Korean Defense Ministry in the wake of the intrusion of what is believed to be a North Korean minisubmarine into South Korean waters.
23 Kyodo North Korea rejected a proposal made by the U.S.-led United Nations Command (UNC) for a general-level officers' meeting to discuss matters relating to the sinking of a North Korean minisubmarine off South Korean waters last week, a UNC spokesman said Wednesday.
There is something for everyone - from golf at Royal St Kitts ([euro]143), a 30-minute helicopter flight over St Kitts ([euro]217), to a trip in a minisubmarine to explore the crystal-clear sea off Barbados ([euro]80).
21 Kyodo South Korean naval ships mistakenly fired warning shots at a Japanese fishing boat Monday near where a suspected North Korean minisubmarine was sunk Friday, thinking the boat to be ''suspicious,'' the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff said.
The world's biggest private yacht has a missile defence system, two helipads, a pair of swimming pools - one a dance floor when drained - a minisubmarine for emergencies, 24 luxury guest cabins and an armour-plated master suite.
The sources said the two submarines are believed to have been mother ships of a minisubmarine sunk Friday morning by the South Korean navy in waters near Koje Island, South Kyongsang Province.
As experts prepared to send a minisubmarine to investigate reports of a wreck lying on the seabed 10 miles off Portland Bill, Dorset, coastguards made the grim discovery.
South Korea demanded Friday that Pyongyang apologize for an intrusion by what Seoul claimed was a North Korean minisubmarine into South Korean waters.