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assistance in time of difficulty

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The Venetian capacity for dawdling is of the largest, and for a good many days unlimited litter was all my gardener had to show for his ministrations.
Saxon made him lie down and receive her soothing ministrations.
The medical attendant had heard enough in the course of his ministrations at the bedside, to satisfy him that any sudden recognition of me by Eustace (if he recovered) might be attended by the most lamentable results.
Regularly, each morning after he had finished his breakfast, she performed her self- appointed task, till he came to look for her ministrations as much as he did for Thornton's.
The Pyncheon of two centuries ago, in common with most of his contemporaries, professed his full belief in spiritual ministrations, although reckoning them chiefly of a malignant character.
She cried day and night, and was, from excess of sorrow, less skilful and alert in her ministrations of her mistress than usual, which drew down a constant storm of invectives on her defenceless head.
Special thanks to Marie Wright, Marie Williams, Mary Lester and Father Graham Dunne for his kind words and ministration, also t o H a r d a c r e s F u n e r a l Services.
During the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists sent by Prophet T.
McMaster and Harvey knew each other long before this ad ministration.
Mayne Pharma Group Limited is pleased to announce that the US Food and Drug Ad ministration (FDA) has granted approval of its Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) for doxycycline hyclate immediate release (IR) tablets (75 mg and 150 mg) in the United States.
This will not be an ordinary ministration like you have witnessed before; there will also be local musicians involved (Raimonds Tiguls, Karlis Kazaks, Janis Holsteins, and Mara Upmane-Holsteine) who will be responsible for creating the musical part.
He said that flowers are special gift of nature and meticulous ministration is needed to preserve this gift.
AMMAN, March 16 (Saba) A' The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) of the League of Arab States has allocated US$ 500,000 for supporting emergency and ministration services in Yemen.
Beijing, Sept 8 (ANI): China has repeated its objections to US arms sales to Taiwan amid reports that the Obama ministration is considering new deals with the island.
It denied victory to Iain Dowie in his first match in charge of the Tigers but also proved Pompey were taking the rest of their campaign seriously despite a nine-point deduction for going into ad ministration.