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Synonyms for minister

Synonyms for minister

minister to: to have the care and supervision of

minister to: to work and care for

Synonyms for minister

a person authorized to conduct religious worship

a diplomat representing one government to another

attend to the wants and needs of others

work as a minister

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As the young fry of clerks looked at this man playing bowls in the gardens of the ministry with the minister's children, they cracked their brains to guess the secret of his influence and the nature of his services; while, on the other hand, the aristocrats in all the various ministries looked upon him as a dangerous Mephistopheles, courted him, and gave him back with usury the flatteries he bestowed in the higher sphere.
The day on which a serious and unlooked-for struggle about this appointment began, after a ministerial dinner which preceded one of those receptions which ministers regard as public, des Lupeaulx was standing beside the fireplace near the minister's wife.
Bentley, the minister whom Anne had found lacking in imagination, had been pastor of Avonlea for eighteen years.
Gresham was a very good man and a very religious man, but he told too many funny stories and made the people laugh in church; he was undignified, and you must have some dignity about a minister, mustn't you, Matthew?
"Yes, assuredly," replied the minister; "but he is advancing by Gap and Sisteron."
"Is he then advancing on Paris?" The minister of police maintained a silence which was equivalent to a complete avowal.
Prince Andrew's joyous feeling was considerably weakened as he approached the door of the minister's room.
Prince Andrew felt that either the actions of Kutuzov's army interested the Minister of War less than any of the other matters he was concerned with, or he wanted to give the Russian special messenger that impression.
"We shall have to have a serious talk," the Prime Minister said, "in a few days' time.
Then she heard the minister's wife suggest timidly that they, as a society, might perhaps assume his support and education instead of sending quite so much money this year to the little boys in far-away India.
The room in the bell tower of the church, where on Sunday mornings the minister prayed for an in- crease in him of the power of God, had but one window.
There was a rustle in the gallery, which nobody noticed; a moment later the church door creaked; the minister raised his streaming eyes above his hand- kerchief, and stood transfixed!
"Then, monsieur," said Mazarin, who began to be irritated, "you will neither see the minister nor the king."
Cabinet Ministers don't come here for nothing, and this one happens to be a friend of Sir Alfred's."
The old minister seated himself in an arm-chair and made an effort to draw Pearl betwixt his knees.
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