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laying explosive mines in concealed places to destroy enemy personnel and equipment

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Oriental Synergy Mining Corporation (Dinagat Islands)
While administration supporters can point to a steady drop in the number of coal mining deaths through 2005, when a record low of twenty-two occurred, those numbers don't tell the whole story.
Like many of the mining companies in northeastern Ontario, St.
Mining is an inherently nasty practice when looked at from environmental and health standpoints.
I was only able to find five individuals listed who have any link to mining or geoscience.
You're right, not a lot of insurance companies have the appetite to do mining risks.
Q: What led you to ban uranium mining on Navajo land?
One of these new technologies is data mining, a term based on the idea that very large databases are "mountains" of information that can be "mined" for "nuggets" of great value if the right technology is applied.
The company originally won approval in 2001, after Argentina and Chile signed a treaty regulating cross-border mining activities, such as moving workers, machines and gold back and forth between the two countries.
Rather than lobby or regulate to stop such activities as mining of minerals and drilling for oil, governments, nonprofit groups, and other organizations have started to buy land--or mineral rights to land--to stop the activities from starting at all.
Commonly known as data mining, this powerful tool can help investigators to effectively and efficiently perform such tasks as the analysis of crime and intelligence data.
"They are integral to our mining technology." said Ron Maci, manager--value chain management, "Our machines couldn't perform at the necessary production levels without them."
Companies engaged in drug discovery, genomic research, molecular screening and other bioinformatics work, who wish to rapidly incorporate advanced data mining features into their applications can now do so by using NAG Data Mining Components as building blocks.