minimum wage

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the lowest wage that an employer is allowed to pay

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The Department of Labor & Industries announces the state's minimum wage each year in September as required under Initiative 688, which Washington voters approved in 1998.
The weekly minimum wage for some salespersons, land agents and other professionals will rise from $406 to $446.
The recent ruling by a New York State labor commission to increase the minimum wage for fast-food-chain workers to $15 an hour has revived interest in economists' conclusions about the employment effects of minimum wage increases.
Texas does not have a state-mandated minimum wage and instead enforces the federal minimum of $7.
25 per hour, the federal minimum wage is lower than it was in 1950, and a third less than in 1968, adjusted for inflation.
The last time the Legislature voted to raise the minimum wage was in 1989, when it approved an increase to $4.
Enforcing the National Minimum Wage - Keeping up the Pressure says that whilst most employers are happy to pay up, a minority have developed a wide range of scams, including under-recording hours, bogus self-employment, misusing interns and volunteers, charging for uniforms, not paying for travel between work sites during the working day, clocking workers off when there are no customers in the store or cafe, and employers vanishing to avoid minimum wage fines - only to reappear under another trading name.
For example, Connecticut, a state with much higher prices, is scheduled to raise its minimum wage to $10.
Conversely, the PRI has defended the status quo, suggesting that an increase in the minimum wage could affect the Pena Nieto government's targets for economic growth.
According to a 2013 Congressional Research Service report, a single parent with two children who works full time at the current minimum wage would be earning around $15,000 and living at 76 percent of the federal poverty level.
If you work any of those entry-level jobs or thousands like them that pay minimum wage, you could be in for a raise.
The minimum wage should be fixed after deliberations between the central government and the state governments so that it doesn't have adverse impact on the centre's budget," he added.
Increasing the minimum wage should have a positive impact on the economy (by increasing disposable income for lower income families), and should also help reduce the dependence on other publicly funded programs, such as Medicaid.
Some minimum wage legislation and initiatives in states around the nation:
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