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In the scene in which magazine editor John Minify introduces Phil Green to his executive staff over lunch, Minify chides a Jewish employee, Irving Weisman, for advocating the silent approach: "You and your let's-be-quiet-about-it committees have got just exactly no place."
In the ideal condition, before each inquiry round, all nodes in the K-list will be located in the search space, which means that each round will minify the search space by K, and then U equals K.
The lenses also magnify (plus) or minify (minus) and have distortions at the edges; all very good reasons for children to reject them.
Lenses for the correction of myopia minify, so that the eyes look smaller through them.
One little-understood aspect of corrective lenses is that they either magnify (in the case of farsightedness) or minify (in the case of nearsightedness) what the wearer sees.