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sideboard with compartments for holding bottles


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Primarily dealing with in-room products, Pulsar Foodstuff has been the leading supplier of personalised minibar items to the GCC region since 1997.
Nehme Imad Darwiche, founder and chief executive officer of Jannah Hotels & Resorts said, "We will be the first five-star hotel in all of UAE to provide minibar items at street prices.
Booze Carriage, which was founded in 2012 and is one of the original alcohol delivery services, has grown a sizeable and loyal customer base since launching nearly three years ago, Minibar said.
Even the in-room minibar -- a decades-old splurge -- isn't safe from the new wave of add-ons.
It revealed 84 per cent said guests had refilled used minibar bottles with water to dodge bills.
HOMI and its subsidiaries are engaged in the distribution, marketing and operation of computerized minibars in major branded hotel chains, operating approximately 10,700 computerized minibar systems at 43 hotels located in the United States, Europe and Israel, and in the development and manufacture of a new range of computerized minibar systems, designed to improve the performance of minibar departments, thereby improving the hotel's bottom line.
When I checked into a hotel in California, I was starving, so late the $6 box of Oreos from the minibar.
In a time when some hotels are cutting back and deciding nor to offer them in rooms, others are finding that a unique minibar selection is actually a great way to stand out from the competition.
OB), a US-based company that offers flexible Minibar Service Programmes tailored to the hotel industry, has announced its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2011.
Hotels revitalize minibar services with healthy, exotic offerings Hotels are adding exotic and healthy food items such as Parmesan herb chips and $25 crystal-encrusted bottles of water to their minibars' stock as they seek to gain an edge in the market.
There is also a "pamper-bar", similar to a minibar, where one can purchase face products, and if one has a hair emergency or wants a yoga mat, all the person has to do is ring reception.
The four-star property boasts 273 spacious rooms and all rooms are low-lying, elegantly appointed with a balcony, satellite TV, fully stocked minibar and air conditioning.
All rooms are low-lying, elegantly appointed with a balcony, satellite television, fully stocked minibar and air conditioning.
NTA provides customers with a Micros certified software interface for billing, wake up calls, room status systems, minibar status, voice mail and fax.
ALEX Salmond asked for taxpayers to pick up a pounds 9 minibar bill before Commons watchdogs blocked the claim.